Most awesome thrill thing you ever did

Whats the most scary thrill ride you ever did? Skydiving, bungie jumpin wingsuit flyin cave diving, or whatever.

for me it was flying solo in an airplane when i was takin flying lessons to get a pilots license.

I took off and now it was oh shit i have to get back on the ground. it was a thrill and i survived. whats yours.

I logged over 400 hours in fighter aircraft as an aerial photographer filming weapons tests. It had its moments.

Not scary, but thrilling: chasing a pack of wild dogs in an open Land Rover in Botswana, while they chased their prey.

Somewhat scary: being charged by elephants in that same area and trying to get away. . .in reverse.

Interesting and somewhat scary: riding in a small plane that was landing on a dirt airstrip inside an extinct volcano on Alaska’s western coast. The windsocks were blowing in three different directions.

I never was a thrill seeker, white water rafting is probably about as far as I have taken it intentionaly. I made a bad decision to go out to se one time against a small craft advisory that turned into an unbelievable adventure. I was in a 34 foot boat and we were being tossed through the air at times by huge waves. I thought the boat was going to split in two. I was about 50 miles off the coast of San Diego and the waves were dwarfing the boat. Fished all my life out here and have never seen anything to compare it to.

I did a jet boat ride in Queenstown NZ, that was fun.

The scariest things are probably some of the ski runs that I’ve done. Not necessarily the big black ones but even the icier reds when you approach 100kph, that is intense and I only dare do it for a short burst. Too tiring and too scary for my blood.

Kayaking the Upper Gauley river, lots of Class IV rapids and two legit Class Vs. First time I swam from the top of the first Class V, Insignificant, and the second trip about ten years later, I swam at the second V, Lost Paddle (and lost my paddle!). Lost Paddle is a really bad place to swim, lots of undercut boulders along the sides.

Even with the swims I was glad I did it.

Since then I stuck to the Lower, still a challenging paddle.

I rode this zipline in the French Alps - wicked cool.

About 20 years ago I hit 90 km/hr on a descent on my road-racing bicycle. At that point I definitely felt that my control of the bike wasn’t as solid as it felt at 70 km/hr

Skydiving. Just an awesome feeling. Especially since I have a very real fear of heights, so my adrenaline was pumpin’, pumpin’.

When 10 I rode my bike down a steep hill no handed while eating pop rocks and drinking a Coke.

From several candidates, I’ll go with: Bailed out of a damaged airplane after a midair collision.

Thrills bore me and waste my time.

Snorkeling with manta rays at night.

Challenged a guy in a car to a fight when I was drunk, unarmed, and on foot. He came out with a tonfa and looked like he knew how to use it.

Same! Almost. When I lived in Santa Fe, NM for a short while before moving south to Corrales, we were camping a few miles down from the ski lodge. I biked up - a hell of a climb - but I was determined and also much younger (22 years ago) and fit. I did a lot of mountain biking on single track then. When I headed down from the lodge I decided to go as fast as felt comfortable and safe. At one point during my descent I took a quick look at my computer on the handle bars. I was doing 44mph! I slowly and carefully began to slow down. I’m pretty sure that had I crashed, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Running of the bulls (in Mexico, not in Spain). At one point had to clamber up a fence in an alcove where my friend and I got pinned, and just a few feet from me a guy got gored on some horns (I don’t think he died but he was injured).

Kinda dumb and crazy in retrospect, but I was only 19 at the time. Glad I had the experience but would not repeat!

A few years ago, experienced a carrier landing and a catapult launch as a passenger. I started a thread about it.

I guess it’s mundane for Navy pilots, but for me it was the biggest thrill I’ve ever had.

Other than that, whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon was pretty intense. I spent 5 days rafting from Phantom Ranch to Bar 10.

Like the OP, I have to say my first solo was pretty amazing. I remember the plane seeming to leap into the air because it was carrying half as many passengers. I also remember looking straight ahead the whole time, refusing to see that my instructor was no longer in the seat beside me. And I remember the relief after the third landing when I taxied over to pick him up again so we could head back to base.

The second most thrilling was also solo in an airplane - I was flying a Rockwell 112A and the gear wouldn’t go down. So I got out of the pattern, circled around while I figured out how to do an emergency gear extend, and breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the landing gear lock down in place. That was another very happy landing.

Postscript: the owner of the plane (it was leased to our flying club) kept looking for ways to blame me for the gear malfunction. After all, I was just a girl flying his precious plane. What an ass! The club manager and president both told him to just shut up. :smiley:

Not being a thrill seeker, it would have to be being airlifted in a British ASW helicopter from the fantail of one destroyer to another, both under way. They were going to highline us to the other ship, but the other ship lost steering momentarily and we almost collided, so they decided to call the British frigate that was running guard astern and have them send over their heli.

He hovered over the fantail of our ship and lowered a harness. I got buckled in and they winched me up to the chopper; didn’t get all the way inside, just sat in the doorway with my feet on the skid.

When he got positioned over the other ship, the guy operating the winch just pushed me out the door and lowered me to the deck.

Good times in the Navy.:eek:

Holy shmoly! What’s the backstory to this? C’mon man, you can’t just drop this nugget and not elaborate!

My #1 most thrilling incident involved the law and I wasn’t caught, so I’ll move to #2. :stuck_out_tongue:

My #2 most thrilling episode was 230 kph (140ish mph) on a sportbike.

#3 was being about 8 years old on the back of a snowmobile while a teenaged uncle drove. We were visiting the country branch of the family for Christmas, and the country cousins were trying to show up the city boys on snowmobiles. My uncle (little did they know) was an experienced snowmobiler and motocross rider, so he kept up with them lockstep. I still remember going straight up the side of a hay bale at full throttle and hanging on for dear life. I’m surprised the sleds still ran after we were done with them.