Most cost-effective way to watch a lot of old "South Park?"

I have almost never watched South Park. I want to watch it now. In all probability I will binge-watch them in a short time; however, once through is enough for me. I don’t need/want to own them.

We have net through Comcast. I don’t subscribe to any separate content provider services, and I’m not likely to have a lot of other stuff I want to watch in the future so probably no point to an ongoing subscription. Does somebody have like a one month trial (one week would do) where I could watch a bunch of episodes for not too much money?

Or some other thing I haven’t thought of?

…“coulda watched them when they were current. you didn’t think of that.”

Umm yes dude ever heard of Hulu? They have one month free trials and even if you become a member its only like $11.99 a month if you get it without commercials. They have all the way back to the first episode but I’m not sure if they have the latest season or not.

Hulu is the main way without piracy. A couple of years ago, the official website allowed you to watch almost all of them for free* with the stipulation that the newest episode would not be watchable a week to a month later. I miss this as Hulu is kind of crappy compared to Netflix and Amazon.

*The episodes “Super Best Friends” and “201” are not currently watchable without piracy as far as I know because Comedy Central are chickenshits. I think 201 is the only episode I’ve never watched.

Wow, didn’t know Hulu was that cheap. …I haven’t been there since they stopped being free. *

Sounds like my best option. Thanks!
All television was free when I was little. Then they came up with pay TV, which you paid for (they told us)** because there were no commercials.*** Except now there are 10 minutes of commercials per half hour of content. I’m still bent about this, so I mostly pi-- er, use my highly developed remote viewing skills when I want to watch something.

I guess Hulu starts at $6 plus tax. But as you and pool note, it still has commercials at that price point. And I find them more invasive than Adblock-less Youtube or any other video website, so I find Hulu inferior, but still sometime necessary for some shows. Occasionally they will front load a slightly longer commercial before the episode in exchange for skipping mid-episode commercials, and that option is always worth it.

You could always watch them at Southpark Studios via Hulu (which means free but with short commercials) My favorite episode

I thought, at least at one point, all of them were free at the official web site.

Is the entire backlog still available (other than the bad episodes that even Matt and Trey suggest “other methods” of watching)? Or did they put the oldest ones (paid) Hulu only?

And is the latest season still on a delay after a week?

Check to see if you have a friend, neighbor, public library, or local video store that owns the DVDs?

They were, but a couple years ago they signed a deal with Hulu, and Hulu is now the sole host of them:

You can get 45 days of free Hulu with their Groupon promotion.

Got a DVD player? Check them out from the library.

Great episode and one of my favorites. That “mad gamer” is back in the latest episode as one of the Internet trolls.

Question for the streaming crowd: Are the episodes uncensored? I only just realized that the eps put up on South Park Studios are uncensored and not bleeped as they are on Comedy Central. It’s not a big deal but sometimes the bleeps get a little obtrusive.

Pretty sure it’s uncensored there… at least this ep had lots of asshole, bastard, goddamn and shit thrown around. Oh, wait… it was “crap” with shit actually spattering about :wink:

The annoying thing about doing this legit is after you shut off both Ghostery and adblock there is about 2 minutes of commercials at the start of the ep. Then you get a good solid 10 minutes, more commercials, another 10 minutes, commercials and the last 10 minutes. And it keeps whining that you have to let them show commercials despite having white-listed the domain… not sure what is up with that but at least there is a countdown of the seconds until those blank commercials are over.

I just checked and you can either watch random episodes or whatever ones they have up for free. I clicked on the first Christmas (Mr. Hanky) epi and this is what that looks like being free (not a paid Hulu member):!airdate

So you can either check each ep on each season or just click the list shown above.

I’m glad the WoW ep is still free… I like to watch it at least once or twice a year. I don’t play but my 3 sons do/did.