Most Difficult Balance Beam Trick?

What is the most difficult move one could attempt to master on the balance beam?

Balancing on your little finger whilst twirling hula-hoops around both ankles and eating a plate of spaghetti with your eyes shut and no fork or spoon.

I imagine this is fairly hard

Well, due to the spaghetti, I’d say this isn’t strictly a beam routine.

I believe one of the toughest is the one where you start with a handstand, extend your arms to the sides such that the crown of your head is your only point of contact with the beam, then hop along the beam on the crown of your head.

Gracefully, of course.

How about slam dunking a basketball while jumping over the beam… lengthwise!

While there may be a single factual answer to the OP, I think this one is better suited to IMHO. Moved.

samclem GQ moderator

Forward-moving tumbling (like front handsprings or front aerials) where you land on your feet on the beam are very difficult because you’re flying blind. Backflips are much easier - you can see the beam.

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