Most dissapointing TV show this season?

“How I Met Your Mother” has been the quickest drop in quality I think I have ever seen. It truly is appalling now. It was never high art, but at least it was funny. I’m only watching it now to see how the damn thing ends.

“Fringe” should have either extended the main storyline for another half season or ended at the end of last season. This season is a completely different main story, it isn’t “Fringe”.

I never had any hope for The Neighbors, so I can’t say I’m disappointed. I agree about the sandwiching, as I tend to watch this on a non-cable TV so I have limited switching choices.

Revolution could have been good, but I knew from the promos that it would be just too clean. And I was right. I’m also one who wanted to like Andre Braugher’s Last Resort, but it sucked.

I’m not disappointed in anything else, but that’s because I thought most new shows would suck or at least fail to catch my attention, and I was right. And most of the shows that I regularly watch are still on an even keel - hard to be disappointed in Burn Notice when you already know it’s going to be bad and you are just watching it for Bruce Campbell to ham up his scenes.

I like Modern Family and Suburgatory. I resent having to sit through The Middle and Neighbors.

I don’t watch many new series, but I did watch the premiere episode of Kroll Show on Comedy Central a couple nights ago. I’ve always found Nick Kroll very funny as a guest on some of the podcasts I listen to, and was looking forward to this show, but man did the first episode disappoint. I (literally) didn’t laugh once. Will probably give it another shot, but if that’s any indication of where the show is going I don’t expect it to be airing long. (Sorry, Nick.)

Also thought 1600 Penn might have some promise, but only made it about 15 minutes through the first episode and gave up. The guy who plays President Pullman’s son was completely obnoxious. (Yeah, I get that the character is supposed to be-- but he wasn’t funny-annoying, just annoying.)

I feel that way about Two and a Half Men following Big Bang Theory.

I agree, I wanted to like The Mindy Project, but it’s not that great. A lot of comedies start out unsteady and get better, so I might check back on it next season, but as of right now I feel no need to watch it.

I gave up on Modern Family too. It’s not terrible, but it’s disappointing after how much I enjoyed previous seasons.

Have you watched Happy Endings? Max has only been in one relationship that I can remember on the show, but he’s a well-written and acted non-stereotypical gay character.

Aw, part of the reason I wanted to like The Mindy Project more was because of Chris Messina. I’ve liked him in the small parts in movies I’ve seen him in, like Ruby Sparks, Julie and Julia, and Away We Go.

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It has plummeted in quality since the pregnancy, but each episode usually still has one great zinger.

Does “The New Girl” count as new? I don’t remember if it’s the first season. We watched and VERY MUCH enjoyed the first episodes, but when Dylan McDermott’s character came in, the quality dropped like a very large rock, perhaps with some lead at its core. Immediately. I’ve tried three times, with episodes with and without his character, and I just hate the show anymore.

Boy, what a stinker. I had a major crush on Kat Dennings after “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” but it has gone baby gone since seeing and hearing her deliver such wooden readings of such putrid dialogue.

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Last Resort for me. Thought it had a really interesting setup, but as others have said, they tried to hard to make it a multi-season show when it really should’ve been a mini from the get-go. I’ve stuck with it and watched the whole thing, partially because when it got cancelled the producers claimed they had time to “fix it” and “wrap it up”, but with one episode left its clear they won’t be able to do so.

(They even had the audacity to call it the “season finale” when it was announced a month ago it was cancelled!)

Yea, I was going to tough it out just to be a completionist. But now that GuanoLad says there’s going to be another season, I think I’ll just drop it.

In the shows defense, I always complain that TV shows are too afraid to break out of the formula that makes them successful, and so end up running it into the ground. HIMYM did change their formula, so I admire them for taking the chance. The result is terrible, but at least I admire the effort.

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Okay, so I watched a few episodes of The Mindy Project on Hulu and it’s starting to grow on me. It seems to have improved since the pilot.


I agree. I started watching Happy Endings in the middle of its second season and didn’t even realize Max was supposed to be gay until a few episodes in. Also the show is hilarious. :slight_smile:

I’m still holding out hope for The Mindy Project until I see how things play out with a few recent changes in roles/actors…

The one I’m really excited about is bringing back my dear personal friend, Beth Grant in the role of cranky, crazy Nurse Beverly as a series regular!!! If Beth can’t save it, no one can! :smiley:

Just bumping this to say that I found the second episode much better than the premiere. Maybe there’s hope yet.

Then again, at the end my wife (who like me, had laughed several times during the episode) turned to me and said “that show sucked.” Tough crowd!