Most disturbing dream you ever had?

So, what’s the most disturbing (not necessarily the scariest) dream you ever had?

In my case, it was a dream I had years ago, where I played 2 roles: a vampire, and a vampire hunter. My pov constantly
flashed from one to the other- for example, as the vampire I would run down a long corridor and glance back just as I turned the corner, seeing the hunter appear at the far end. Then suddenly I would be the hunter, coming around the corner and looking down a long corridor, seeing the vampire glance back just before he disappeared from view. The dream ended with the vampire-me cowering under a desk in a dark deserted office, seeing the door burst open and the hunter step in, then as the hunter-me, kicking the door open and stepping in to see the vampire. At this point, I woke up (probably a good thing!!!).

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Anyway, My most disturbing dream: I dreamt that my actions were being controlled by some evil power, and it forced me to go into a room of puppies and snap all their necks. I woke up feeling so guilty and horrible. Even though it was just a dream, I felt bad for a few days! I love dogs!


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I had a vampire dream just the other night, how weird. I was a hunter, and apparently the method of murdering these bloodsuckers was to pulverize their heads with a sledgehammer. There was blood everywhere.
I just recently started taking xanax, and it since I started taking them, I think I’ve been having stranger dreams, nothing scary or nightmarish, just senseless, out of the ordinary stuff. But I digress…later.

Okay, this is going to sound very stupid, but I had this dream when I was a kid and it still comes to mind every now and then.

Remember the scene in Poltergeist when the huge face of the beast pops out of the closet? I had the dream before that movie cam eout, but the scene is pretty much the same. I think Tobe Hooper was channelling my nightmares. I’m living at home where my father had fixed up our basement and that’s where my bedroom was. I open the door to my room and (don’t laugh) out pops the huge grinning, flaming face of Frank Zappa!

Scared me to death back then and still gives me the shudders when I think about it today.

:::hands over ears:::
AHHHH!!! I’m not listening, I’m not listening… note to self: do not go over with dog to Jman’s place anytime soon.

I’ve had the typical dreams where I’ve been falling and WHAM, hit the ground and woke up. But my weird dream took this one step further. I was in some building, a warehouse, I think, with a nuclear bomb, and I’m trying to defuse it. I realize I’m not in time (this is besides the fact that I haven’t the first clue how to defuse anything), and it detonates and I see this bright light and my last thought is, I’m dead… but it’s not my last thought. I should have woken up or at least stopped dreaming, but I didn’t do either. I’m floating in this weird medium which I can only explain as consciousness. Floating up and down, but moving forward, like you would on the ocean, and I’m totally detached from my body, and barely able to think, except to realize that a)I’m not entirely dead, which is cool, and b)I can barely think, which isn’t cool. I could tell there were other… things… there, but I had no idea what they were (other minds, maybe) and couldn’t communicate with them. And I had the impression the whole place was an ugly, 70’s-ish yellow. And that’s all.

Very weird, and no drugs involved!

I’ve had more than my fair share of disturbing dreams, but this one was particularly memorable.

It was in a summer camp type setting, and I was moving into my cabin. For some inexplicable reason, there was huge hole in the middle of the floor covered by a coarse grate. The hole held some water ten feet down, like a sewer. If you’ve seen the movie The People Under the Stairs, it was exactly like the body disposal hole in that, except with a grate over it.

Anyway, I was unpacking my bags when four other guys came in. They said it was their cabin, and I said it was mine. We all had the same key, so we figured it was some sort of mixup.

Then, for some forgettable reason, we started fighting. Fists, furniture, lead pipes. It was bloody.

About a minute later, I had four dead bodies and a lot of blood in my room. Conveniently enough, I also had a big gaping hole in the middle of it. So I shoved the bodies into the hole, mopped up the mess, and went on to an assembly with the other campers.

Halfway through, a girl burst in the room and exclaimed, ``they found some corpses in so and so’s room!’’

The first thing I thought was: great, they gave my room away again.

Then I thought: uh-oh.

The girl was hysterical. She was going on and on about how the bodies were black and bloated and how they must have been there for such a long time.

So I thought, hey, maybe they’d misdate the time of death, or they’d blame whoever it was that currently occupied my room. But then I thought that forensic science will prevail and that the evidence will point all its fingers towards me.

By then, the media had magically appeared on the scene and they were interviewing everyone. People were sobbing; it was a sad scene.

So I had to act normal while everyone else was hunting for the killer. That’s about when I woke up.

The reason it was so disturbing is that I was the monster, and through no willing act of my own. I couldn’t hope that justice will come through, because then I’d be arrested and all the badness associated with that.

Also, I never felt any remorse or guilt. I only thought about how to get myself out of trouble. I found that disturbing only after I woke up.

I dreamed that I was back in my sixth grade history classroom and it was some sort of class party. The lights were off for some reason and everyone was laughing and apparently having a good time except for me. I was lying on a beat-up orange couch in the middle of the room, paralyzed from the neck down. I grunted “help me” to which a crowd gathered around and started taunting me. Someone pushed me onto the floor and everyone started kicking me around the room, and I could hear my insides shaking around, and I knew I was about to die. Then I saw two bright flashes and the death music from the Dune computer game started playing. Ever played that game? If you go too far towards the Harkonen palace, you die and a voice laughs and talks about what a fool you are. Well, the voice started laughing and talking about me. Before it finished, though, I felt myself being pulled up through a series of white rings, going up, up, up… and then I started falling. I fell for at least a minute but never landed. I was convinced that I was not only dead, but going to hell.

Then I woke up, covered in sweat and shaking.

I am lying in a bed in a room which, I can tell from the light coming in the open door is at the bottom of a flight of stairs. I am wide awake. I see a shadow begin to descend the stairs, and try as I might, I cannot move. A person enters the room, dressed in white Bedouin type robes, covered from head to toe–only his eyes show. Other than the fact that he is tall and broad shouldered, there is no reason to think it’s a man, I just knew. He approaches the bed, and I struggled to move, to scream, but I could do neither. I knew, I just knew, that if he got to me, I would die, or something equally horrible. He sits down on the edge of the bed and reaches out for me. My terror, by this time, was so complete that I am in the place between waking and dreaming where I know it is a dream and I struggled to come completely awake. My waking self was as terrorized as the me in the dream and I was conscious of being physically paralyzed. Just as his hand brushed my thigh, I jerked awake. Heart pounding, sweat pouring off of me, shaking like a leaf in the wind, I stumbled to turn on the lights and kept them on-every friggin’ light in my apartment-for the rest of the night.

:: shudder ::

Okay, I’m about ten years old, sleeping, and see the shape of a man by the door. I get up out of bed and for some reason walk to the dark shadow and am directly in front of this faceless entity. By this time I’m absolutely paralyzed with fear and all I can do is scream “MOMMMMM!” She comes in the room, turns on the light and I’m face to face with…a coat rack with a long trench coat on a hanger.

I talk in my sleep alot, as well as move around and sleepwalk. One night, this was about two years ago, I was living at my parent’s house, my dad woke up hearing voices in my room, thinking I had a girl in there or somethig. When the voices got louder, he got out of bed to see what was going on. So when he gets to my doorway, he pokes his head and says, “Uh, son, you okay in there?” Well, there I am, standing up, buck naked, and (get this) actually wrestling with my comforter! “TAKE THAT! AND THAT! THAT WILL TEACH YOU TO MESS WITH ME!” He said, “Uh, son, what’s up?” At that point, I woke up, looked at myself, then him, and he said I immediately snapped out of it and said “Oh, shit, hey dad, sorry I woke you up.” I was 28 at the time.

I know the topic is dreams here, but I thought I’d share these stories with you guys anyway. Thanks. If I made just one person laugh, I’m a happy man.

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I dreamt years ago that I saw a big van in a field. The back doors of the van were open, and I walked around and peeped inside and saw my parents having sex.

Oh sweet Jesus…

I was some sort of criminal profiler or FBI agent or somesuch, and found myself in the home of a killer we’d been looking for for a long time. Alone with him–I had sort of the impression I was to keep him busy until backup arrived. He was very cheerful and chatty, and genuinely glad to show me around. General unease growing rapidly, and then, proud as a child showing their favoritest thing in the world, he showed me his “playroom”. Empty room with the stench of rotting flesh, a tarp over lumps in the middle. Following the inertia of the nightmare, I pulled it off. Under it were the bloated and long-dead corpses of a dog and her dead puppies. Arranged as if nursing.

I woke, sobbing and gagging, to my girlfriend at the time shaking me desperately. She was more than a little freaked out, as I very very seldom sleep any other way but rock-solid.

Last fall I visited my aunt and uncle. My husband slept on a mattress on the floor and I slept on the couch in the den. It is a very large and very dark room.
On the night before we were to make the 24 hour drive home I had a dream that something terrible was going to happen to someone in my aunt’s family. I did not know what it was, just that it was going to be horrible and someone was going to die. I was terrified. In my dream I was in the den in the dark with this horrific knowledge and unable to do anything about it. I woke up sobbing and scared.
Of course, when I woke up I was in the den in the dark just like in the dream. In all my life I have never been that afraid. I sat on the couch for awhile, too afraid to move, until my eyes adjusted to the dark and I gathered enough courage to walk to the kitchen and turn on a light.
Words can not express the terror I felt in that dream and even to this day, just sitting here typing it out, I am filled with a sense of dread and fear thinking about it. Very strange.

The weirdest thing is, while I often dream, they are normally just plain odd but never nightmarish. Like the dream I had at Christmas where my 82 year old staunchly religious, very conservative, never had a * drop * of alcohol in his life grandfather showed up for Christmas dinner in biker leathers, sporting a long grey pony-tail carrying a 6-pack of beer. Now that is normal for me. Not nightmares. shudder

I had the same recurring nightmare, off and on, for years. Haven’t had it lately–and don’t want to. It doesn’t sound so bad put into words, but the feel of it is gibbering terror.

Basically I’m outside an ordinary suburban house; always the same house and the details are extraordinarily clear. It’s an L-shaped ranch style, with the bedroom wing on the left side, perpendicular to the street. The main living wing is offset to the back, parallel to the street. Tan/sand colored brick; a strip of largish gray river pebbles edging the foundation with a few little piney shrubs set in; a small front porch, mostly a flat slab with a roof; rather decorative wrought iron supports, painted dark brown.

Each time I get as far as the walkway to the front door and am immediately terrified. I know everyone in the house has just been killed in the bedrooms. The walkway to the front door lies directly under the bedroom windows. The windows are curtained so I can’t see in but I’ll have to walk right past them to get to the door, tucked back away from the street.

It sounds more stupid than alarming but I had this dream for years. AFAIK I never actually saw a house like it. (FWIW I once attended a party as an adult and instantly recognized the house. I played there as a child; my friend’s mother had killed her son and herself with a shotgun. Seems like THAT one would have sparked nightmares but never a peep.)

Guess my subconscious is just a swamp.


The worst dream that I"ve had recently is a very odd one…I was making love to my current SO and looking up I noticed that we were being watched and every other boyfriend I’ve ever had was sitting in the room watching us… it was just freaky… I didn’t like it at all… I’m sure that it has some kind of meaning (I do lots of dream interp.) but I can’t find anything…

Wow, my first post! is proud

My most disturbing dream was a few years ago. I had been going through a bit of a religious crisis, and was also dealing with the end of a relationship, so I was pretty stressed.

In the dream, I was standing outside, like on a deck, and looking up. And the sky was falling down on me… in the form of large pieces of wood. It was all two-by-four sized pieces of wood or large strips of plywood, and I’d just hold my hands up and the plywood would break, but I had to dodge the two-by-fours. I was getting tired, and a friend of mine was watching. Since none of the wood was falling around her, I realized it was following me, and I couldn’t escape. So I stopped dodging and closed my eyes, waiting for some hunk of two-by-four to smack me in the head and kill me. I remember a couple of pieces of plywood broke over my head, and then I woke up in a sweat. It was really funny-sounding when I explained it to other people, but at the time I was terrified. :slight_smile:

I’ve got 3 nightmares which tend to have some sort of rotating timeshare deal with my unconscious. They go like this:

  1. The most disturbing

I am walking down the road where I live and I see people I know, friends, family, neighbours etc… I hear someone call my name and I turn around and see no-one behind me but when I turn back to keep on going everyone I know is running around screaming. They’re on fire. I remain rooted to the spot, utterly helpless as I see everyone I care about burst into flames and bolt towards me wailing like banshees until they drop at my feet, dead. Pretty soon the street becomes a quagmire of rotting, blackened skinking flesh and I begin to sink deeper and deeper into it…Then I wake up.

I’ve been having that dream since I was a kid. The first thing I always do when I wake from it is run to the mirror on the wall opposite my bed to check if I’m ok. Silly I know but it’s funny how one retains some of these paranoid childhood fears in later life.
2) The weird, creepy, goreless yet deeply unsettling one

I am walking back from a place I cannot remember but which never concerns me anyway. I turn a corner and walk into my road but turn around as I hear someone call my name. I can see no-one behind me, in fact there is nothing behind me to speak of at all. Everything beyond the boundaries of my street has been eaten up by empty space. Through a whirling mist which has suddenly settled around my street I can see a few stars and some constellations but nothing I recognise, the sun and the moon having totally disappeared into the thick, cloying grey mist.
For some reason this doesn’t seem to bother me and I continue homeward. I close the door behind me and got to switch on the TV. The power is on and everything inside my house is always working perfectly. Then I hear the doorbell ring so I get up to answer it to find that my street has disappeared as well and my house seems to be the only thing left in the universe. The mist is thicker, the stars are brighter and there is a gale force wind whipping up around my front door so I shut it and head back to the living room, still unpurturbed. As soon as I sit down I can hear someone call me from upstairs so I open my front room door only to see that upstairs, along with the rest of my house, no longer exists. I slowly back away as the fog begins to eat away at my living room, the only sign of human life in the entire universe. It gets closer and closer until I’m standing on a 1 foot square piece of carpet. I let out an earpiercing scream as it finally dawns on me that I will disappear like the rest of humanity, be eaten alive by the unstoppable fog…Then I wake up.

I have this dream, on average 3-4 times a month and have done since my grandfather died 9 years ago(a connection?). That’s why I can describe it in such detail.

  1. The short sharp shock

This one only lasts a few seconds. I dream that I wake up with a tarantula on my face. I can see my face in the reflection of its eyes then it bites me. Just before I die, I wake up.

Thankfully I hardly ever have this dream.

Although it may seem like my inner psyche is a pretty unpleasant place to be I have tons and tons of really cool dreams where I’m a rally driver, a spy on a mission, bedding glamourous celebrities etc… and I have them a load more than the bad ones so it balances out pretty well. I guess I’ve just got a really overactive imagination.