The most horrific act you committed in a dream

So, I had this dream the night before last…I killed a baby duck. At first I was going to cut it up with a little knife (to cook it, I think) but in the end I just broke its little neck.

I figure that the reason I dreamed this is that the spring peepers were keeping me awake, and they sound almost identical to very young ducklings, at least to me. (We has ducks growing up and they make the same insistant noise when hungry). Even knowing that, it’s hard to shake the terrible feeling about the dream.

What was the most horrific thing you did in a dream, and do you have any idea why you had the dream?

putting the mundane and pointless back into mpsims

I killed my father once. Woke up very upset, despite the fact that I really didn’t like him ver much at all.

I was thinking, “What’s up with my subconcious? I thought it was supposed to disguise desires like this in surreal images!”

I’ve had at least one dream where I was a serial killer. Or maybe just a gruesome one, but butchering another person was definitely part of the dream.


I’m not sure, but I think I’d rather have the “nearly being raped” dreams.

The other night I started World War III. So, not only am I being horrific in my dreams, I’m acting like a megalomaniac.

I was an enormous circus tent spider, so large that when people wandered underneath my legs, which were covered with something canvas-like. They brushed the canvas aside to go into the tent, accepting my legs as tent poles. Then I ate them.

This dream was so intense that I woke up and became nauseous. It’s not the only dream to wake me up, but it’s the only one that ever sickened me.

Fortunately it’s never recurred.

Once when I was in the hospital with a kidney infection, I dreamt that I got out of bed and smothered my hospital roomate with a pillow because of her constant snoring. It was so vivid that when I woke up, I was kind of relieved thinking ‘now I can get some peace and quiet’. Then the nurse came in and told me that one of the aides had found me wandering around the room in my sleep. I had taken my I.V. out and climbed over the bed rail.:eek:

I must’ve eaten the same thing you did that night, 'cause I was an active particpant somewhere at an air base in Africa. . .

I distinctly remember the base getting overrun and a lot of hand to hand fighting. I woke up in a cold sweat! :eek:

Don’t ask me how I got there. :confused:

When I was pregnant the first time I dreamt that I had given birth to a kitten. I was so upset and the kitten called me “Mama” asking didn’t I love her?

That one haunted me for a week.

i, uh, had sex with my middle brother. he had some kind of prehensile vagina between his legs, and we were in our old bedroom in the old house.

this dream happened to me years ago, but it came to mind immediately when i saw the thread title. makes my skin crawl just to think about it. eeeeeeewwwwwwwww.

Drove like a maniac through a city in a Cadillac-style convertible, running over pedestrians, animals, garbage cans, anything in my way and causing lots of mayhem. In the dream, I remember taking much glee at the destruction.

Felt horrible and guilty for the damage when I work up. Although I think I’d feel worse if I didn’t feel horrible and guilty for all the carnage.

3rd grade- Had a dream where I hijacked a school bus with Sherly Crow and procedeed to plow through my then elementary school during a parent-meet-teacher night, along with all the kids in there. I remember being filled with glee as the parents of my friends were ground into the spokes of the bus. For some macabre and unknown reason I enjoyed that dream then, and awoke the next morning happy. Now it just adds a haunting tone to that wheels on the bus song.

9th grade- Had a dream I was arrested for bestiality. The dream started out with me exiting a barn, along with a group of friends, putting our clothes back on. A squad car arrived and handcuffed us all, promising to “make us an example” for the epidemic of farm animal molestation occuring in the nation during that time. The females among us were sentenced to life imprisonment, while us males were to get a public electrocution in the electric chair. The dream ended abruptly seconds before the pull of the switch, and I remember blowing kisses at a cute girl in the audience.

Haven’t had a disturbing dream since, but then again, only about a year has elapsed since the bestial nightmare.

Zyada - I’ll talk to you!

You’re not the only one to have “serial killer” dreams. I had one a few months ago that involved me cutting someone up while they were still alive, as part of a cult ritual killing. Freaked me the hell out, since I’m a pretty mild person and easily sickened by TV programs featuring that kind of event. It took me a couple of days before I could go to sleep easily again.

Never again, I hope.

let’s just say it was… oedipal.

Three men tried to rape me. Two of them were people I knew.

I escaped to my home. They followed me inside.

I found one of my guns - the 9mm.

They started backing away, begging for me to “please, don’t hurt us!”

I carefully took aim and I shot each one in their face, right between the eyes.

I remember my only regret was that the floor and walls were covered with blood.

Then I woke up.

It was a horrific act, but dreaming about it did not horrify me in the least. I guess that’s one more sign I’m evil.

I originally read this as "Fortunately it’s never occured. I should certainly hope not! :eek:

For some unknown reason i was in some bizarre medieval style tournament (The arena area being inexplicably surrounded by pigs). After being stapped through the ankle, I killed somebody. Shoved a sword right through his chest and watched the blood spread. I still remember how it felt when the sword went in. The most disturbing aspect o f the dream was the immense sense of satisfaction i felt after killing the guy.

I’m always fighting and or killing/dying in dreams, I don’t know why.

Killed my friend. I was cutting down a tree with a fork (I’m not sure why) and she was behind me telling me I was doing it wrong and it was annoying. Then a man came along and said “Do you want to borrow my chainsaw?” and I said “Sure” and took it and killed my friend with it.

Also, another friend once had a dream that I killed her grandfather and laughed at her when she was crying at his funeral, but that wasn’t MY dream so I don’t think it counts.

I dreamed one night that I killed a couple of people, stole a police car to drive the bodies out into a field, and ummm commited necrophilia.

Woke up after that festively graphic dream to spend the day thinking, “What the FUCK??”

Anthracite - I have that dream periodically. What usually happens is that I wake up somewhate before I actually get raped in the dream. I wake up just enough to turn the dream around and revenge myself.

I don’t think it’s evil at all. Either that or I’m a very, very bad girl. :stuck_out_tongue:

FTR, if someone were to try to rape me IRL, I would do my level best to kill them.