Most disturbing films

I want to know what films you have found to be disturbing to you, now and during your childhood.

Cannibal Holocaust
Men Behind the Sun

As a child:

There was this other film I saw part of as a child, i think it was on TV ot possibly cable, it was about a mentally handicapped man who was susrpected of raping a girl, he tried to run and hid in a scarecrow, they then set him on fire. Thisa was in the late 70’s or very early 80’s.

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Bad Ronald…circa late 70’s.
It was about this weird kid who pushed a girl who was teasing him…she hits her head and dies.His mom hides him in the walls of the house. Mom dies. New people move in, and he is still in the walls of the house!!!
he would watch them through peepholes & stuff…very scary!

When I was a kid, in the late 70’s there was a movie on late at night about snakes. I can’t remember details, but the gyst of it was that people were drinking venom in order to become immune to cobra bites. They started to turn into snakes instead. One of the first changes is that they would start to shed their skin, while still human, it really gave me the willies.


I think I saw that one was it called


BurnMeUp – the movie in question might be Night of the Scarecrow, which starred Brian Dennehy. However, I recall that particular film having the guy on the scarecrow shot, not burned. Years later, a scarecrow started taking revenge. Does any of this sound familiar?

When I was a kid, the movies that messed me up worst were Watership Down and The Island. I know WD wasn’t that bad, but I saw it when I was 3 or 4 years old, in a movie theater, with my family at a pre-release screening. The Island was bothersome primarily because of its brutal use of Portuguese men-o-war as plot devices, implements of torture, and the like. Dad brought a print of that one home, and made me terrified of jellyfish for years.

I love the man, but sometimes having a father in the film industry isn’t all that great.

Here’s something that I find interesting…I can watch all kinds of horror and gore in movies now. I get grossed out, sure, but it doesn’t really freak me out. The thing is, I still can’t watch the scenes that scared me really bad as a child, regardless of the fact that I can watch things that are 10 times worse now. Three of my favorite movies have scenes in them I can’t watch. In “Jaws,” I can’t watch the part where Richard Dreyfus finds that dead guy under the water. In “Poltergeist,” I can’t watch the part where the guy pulls his face off. In “Raiders of the Lost Arc,” again, I can’t watch the part where the villians’ faces melt off.

Also, “Orca” upset me pretty bad because of the part where the baby whale falls out of the dead mother. I also remember some movie called something like “Airport '77” scaring me pretty bad when I was about 4.

As I’ve gotten older, movies that really scared me are, “The Exorcist”, “Kids”, and “Blair Witch Project” made me have a panic attack in the theater but had no lasting fear.

Movies that have just depressed me/made me feel homicidal or suicidal were “Glengarry Glen Ross”, “Death of a Salesman”, “Wag the Dog”, “Babe, Pig in the City” (yes, I know it’s just a movie about a pig but I found the stuff with Mickey Rooney and the monkeys ultra-depressing), “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.”

maybe night of the scarecrow was what i’m thinking of…

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

I remember this movie and for some reason I am thinking Robby Benson played the lead. Am I dreamin?

It may end up being stupid, but the advertisements for the new movie Stigmata scare the crap out of me.


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

The wizard of oz scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. the garish colors and the weird characters gave me nightmares. i still hate that film. The flying monkeys really got to me.

As an adult, 2 movies have really disturbed me- Seven (I vomited afterwards) and Your Friends and Neighbors. especially Jason Patric’s character.

Ken Russell’s “The Devils.” I saw it at a wide-screen re-release in Dolby and I thought I was going to lose my mind. There is an absolutely intense scene with Vanessa Redgrave. She’s plays a humpbacked 17th century nun who has a vivid fantasy about Jesus. In it, Christ (played by Oliver Reed) comes off the cross and begins to make love to Redgrave (complete with crown of thorns and lash marks). My puny descriptive powers are no match for the image that literally blazed from the screen. Most of the film was like that, so you can see it was pretty hard to take.

SSSSsssss Ssstarred Dirk Benedict of Battlestar Galactica.
Bad Ronald didnt have Robbie Benson, but the kid was the same physical type-goofy looking, dark hair, I can clearly picture him, but his name escapes me. I caught BadRonald on late night tv a few years ago, and it was still disturbing.


I think you’re right. Of course, if I saw that movie today, it would probably belong in the Cheesey Movie thread!

As a kid: “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”
Now: “Brother’s Keeper” (had to keep reminding myself that it was REAL) and the creepiest “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer”

As a kid: Carrie (first movie that ever really freaked me out), An American Werewolf In London (still my favorite horror movie) and the boat scene in Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.

The only recent movie that really affected me is the first 45 minutes of Saving Private Ryan, and I didn’t even see it in a theater.

I felt like I’d been hit by a truck after seeing “Saving Private Ryan”. I was rattled for the rest of the day.

I thought I’d barf during the first part.

As a child:
Willy Wonka (very creepy)
This Shining
The Hobbitt

As an adult:
A Clockwork Orange
The Wall

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Clockwork Orange

Saw it in college (early 80’s) and it gave me that freaky/queasy feeling for WEEKS. It’s been so long now that I don’t even remember the “story” or what scared me so much, but I remember the feeling VERY well, so I’m not about to go see it again just to remember what disturbed me so much.

Oh, and “Le Chien Andalou” (sp?) by Luis Bunuel. There’s a part where they take an old straight edge razor to an eyeball…

The first time I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre was in the mid 70’s at 3a.m. on TV.

I never saw Cannibal Holocaust, but I might have read a magazine article about it. This article had a lot of stills from the movie (it had “cannibal” in the title somewhere, but it wasn’t Parker & Stone’s Cannibal - the Musical). The magazine article itself freaked me out for a while, lots of gorey gorey gore. Usually gore doesn’t get to me like that.

Seven freaked me out a lot, as did Trainspotting. I was actually surprised afterwards to find out that Trainspotting was considered a comedy! I mean, when I was twelve I used to snicker at dead baby jokes, but Trainspotting didn’t exactly have me laughing most of the time.

Seven made me completely depressed and paranoid for about a week. I kept wishing I would get killed accidentally in some less painful way so I could avoid getting killed by Kevin Spacey in some of the ways featured in the movie. Eventually I remembered that it wasn’t actually inevitable, or even plausible, that Kevin Spacey was going to crawl out of the screen and target me as a Deadly Sinner, but that was the effect of the movie.

Akira freaked me out a lot, but that was just because my girlfriend had broken up with me earlier that day.

When I was a kid, the big freakies were Watership Down and the China Syndrome.

Last House on the Left – cuz maybe it was well done (?) for what it was – a graphic rape/revenge story

Oklahoma (the musical, yep) – was about 12 when I saw it – Rod Steiger is SO after Shirley Jones – at the time, I thought Steiger was creepy and it seemed like he was gonna get her. Now I realize there was probably some sexual tension between them (intended) – but I still can’t watch it

Dark Crystal – sorry, but the bad guys had way too much power – the good guys only won cuz they were lucky (hope that doesn’t spoil it for anyone)

My folks sent me to the movies on Saturday afternoons when we “went to town” – probably saw a lot of stuff I shouldn’t have. Seems like the westerns almost always had a woman (in a pointy bra) on the verge of being attacked by a gang of horny cowpokes? She’d usually be down at the river washing up, some guy would watch from the bushes and then it would get to be just too much for him.

Believed for a long time that men just couldn’t control themselves. Hah!