Most economical way to ship a child's pediatric wheelchair across the country?

I have a very high end pediatric wheelchair for sale on ebay.

I originally had a flat rate price to ship anywhere in the US for 100. When I actually checked the hypothetical cost to ship this from MD to WA as a test case I discovered USPS will not take anything that big and UPS wants 260 to ship it, so I changed my shipping specs to local pickup only.

I’m guessing the chair will needs a shipping box that is 36 high x 30 wide x 30 wide. It weighs around 60 lbs.

Are there any more economical ways to ship this?

Due to my circumstances I ship a lot of stuff by barge and it is pretty cheap. I’m just guessing, but if you have a rail yard near you it might be cheaper to ship direct by rail. Call the local rail shipping company, it might be cheaper than you assume.

Yeah, I was going to suggest finding a trucking/freight company and inquiring about maybe piggy-backing the wheelchair on an existing shipment. That would require some coordination between you and the buyer to set up, but you might be able to get a ballpark figure if you call and ask. Maybe make a note that you can ship it UPS, but that you’re willing to explore cheaper options with the buyer? I know next to nothing about wheelchairs, but it looks like a pretty freaking sweet one, and $400 seems like an extremely fair price to me. Maybe someone wouldn’t mind paying a couple hundred for shipping anyway?

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I’ve shipped large boxes by bus before and it was very economical. Consider Greyhoundif they serve the pick-up and delivery cities you need.

Amtrak Express Shipping. Assuming there’s an Amtrak station within a few miles of both ends.