Most enjoyable wine ever

What’s the most enjoyable glass of wine people have ever drunk? I don’t mean most expensive or most fancy, but just the one that you really enjoyed, for whatever reason.
My two favourties are a bottle of '71 Richebourg and a bottle of Mexican Zinfandel whose name escapes me, but had a white label with a red border.

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A bottle of Mondavi White Zinfandel… I dunno if it was a particularly great wine, but it tasted heavenly to me…I was celebrating my divorce :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember the name of it, but we called it Baby Jesus Wine for the illustration on the label. It was a couple of months ago, and all my closest pals from college were together for what may turn out to be the last group visit for a long time.
The same vineyard that produces the Baby Jesus Wine also makes a Scary Halloween Cat wine that I understand is excellent as well.

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In 1992, my father bought me a 1985 Lafiet (sp?) Rothchild cabernet. While we thought it would be tasty then, we decdied to let it age. Dad made a stainless steel container with a lid that fit on not unlike a canning jar—complete with rubber seal. We then dug a four foot deep hole in the back yard with an auger. We burried the container with the bottle upside-down in the hole and left it there for four years. We dug it up and drank it in the Summer of 96 (couldn’t wait any longer)and it was fabulous. Perfect balance. Smooth as silk.

Although I suppose it’s possible that after putting so much work into aging it we may have convinced ourselves it was spectacular regardless!

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I like the Barefoot cellars Cabernet and Zinfindel. Nice mellow stuff, great with Italian food. Great price (sometimes as low as three dollars a bottle at Trader Joe’s if you keep your eye’s open).

The big purple footprint on the label is nifty too.


The cheap bottle of wine (“Dreamer”) that I drank at a local vineyard last year. It was a great night. We sat around with 3 other couples, watched the fire dance, and waxed philosphical til the place closed.

Domaine Cantaussel '96 Minervois “Pic St. Martin” Syrah. Yer brain could melt from pure happiness.

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As a smoker, I like a fuller-bodied wine.

Once on a lark, four of us went to Paris to celebrate a friend’s birthday (have I mentioned how much airline deregulation rocks? $300 round trip on Air France!) At Tour D’Argent, we had a '84 Graves Leognan from Chateau Fieuzal. Unbelievable, and I’m told the early ninties vintages are even better. Not unreasonably priced, either, given the quality.

For dessert, we had a Quinta de Noval '41 porto. It was even better, but way too expensive ever to do again.

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I’d have to say Merlot by Hahn. Has a rooster on the front…at $12.00 a bit pricey.

But I still drink the $2.99 & $3.49 red wine from trader joes & Cooks champagne, respectively, quite enjoyably.

I totally agree Lucky, my father bought a Lafite in '69, and we finally got around to drinking it in '96 and it went down a treat. Goes good with chips 'n dip too.

Thunderbird '99

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My favorite?

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