Most Interesting Fictional Characters

This thread is simply for the interesting characters from film, television, books, popular, obscure, whatever. The characters whom you’d like to know about. Characters whom are cooler than cool. Maybe those who’d you like to have a cup of coffee with, and find out why the act the way they do. I just want to place the restriction that they can not be real life people, living or dead. I do not want tortured logic just so you could list Jesus or Moses. Also, do not assume I’m culturally literate. Name the character, from what work that character is from, and why you think the character is cool.
(an if the character is from a movie or television show, it also helps to list the actor who portraying said character)

I’ll open the forum with my picks.

[li]Dr. Theodore Morris (played by Dennis Haysbert) “Now and Again” (TV 1999-2000)-- For those who missed this recently cancelled show from CBS, the premise of this romantic, sci-fi fantasy is that insurance salesman, husband, and father Michael Wiseman was killed by being hit by a subway. Actually, his brain was saved and placed in a “Bionic Man” type superbody.[/li]Dr. Morris was the lead researcher and developer of this body. It is also his job to keep Michael focused on his duties for the US government and not on his family. He is a very logical, calm and collected person. He doesn’t lose it even when he is angry. He is very book smart, but seems to be unbelievably dense in real life non-scientific affairs. For example, he always underestimates Michael’s will to be reunited with his family. (Actually, I imagine him to be similar to David B. except for the street-smarts verdict.)

[li]Ranma Saotome “Ranma 1/2” (Japanese TV 1989-1994)[/li][li]Birdy Altirra & Tsutomu “Tetsuwan Birdy” (1996 TV) --There’s always a certain amount of absurdity to be involved when the lead change genders but can’t help it. This is the main plot twist in these anime titles. Ranma is the victim of a magical spring. Water serves as the catalyst. Cold=girl, hot=boy. But sadly enough, that’s the least of the worries. His father is crazy, most of his friends want to cause him harm. His ‘girlfriends’ do cause him harm (particularly Akane). In as the case with many similar series, he also attracts the insane enemies like flies to honey. I’d be curious as to how he handles the insanity.[/li]Tsutomu seems to be the Charlie Brown of anime character. He’s a very bright Japanese high-school student, but life never seems to give him a break. He has the persistent hang dog near the edge of depression look on him. Kinda’ like me at that age. However, he accidently gets involved in an intergalacted fight. How? He’s accidently killed by the intergalactic on-duty officer with the unorthodox methods, Birdy. Well, innocents can’t be killed in the line of duty, especially when the death was caused by an extraterrestrial. The UFOlogist might sieze on this evidence. (nothing for KO) So to save the kids life – and to serve as a unique punishment and plot twist – Birdy is forced to share her body with him. (Remember the Steve Martin movie “All of Me.” It’s pretty much like that, except physical transformations are involved also.) Why is Birdy so, reckless and hot-headed? I’d like to know. Why is Tsutomu is so morose? I’d like to know also. Because the series is abandoned after episode four.
Now that I’ve frightened you with my selections, (I’ve got more, but these are the most normal ones I can come up with at 1am) go right on and post. Have fun. Be creative.

[sub]Today’s episode has been brought to you by death, resurrection, and gender confusion. This post has been partially funded by the “Institute for the Study of Self-Identity”. What is your’s?[sup]TM[/sup][/sub]

Cowboy, from Hardwired. Doesn’t lose his cool, and keeps his plan going until the end. Wonderful Book.

I could start a flame war with my pick for Least Favorite Fictional Character but I’ll wait for the thread. :smiley:

Woodrow Wilson Smith aka Lazarus Long, from the book Time Enough For Love.

Lord Peter Wimsey, Dorothy L. Sayers’ detective.

Samuel Weller, from Dickens’ Pickwick Papers.

Ford Prefect

Sherlock Holmes

Mara Jade

Gandalf the Grey/White (depending on when you read the books) from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings series. An ultra-powerful being hiding behind the guise of a crazy old wizard (most of the time). He finds amusement everywhere, and has a strength beyond that which his mortal body has. And he’s not anal, either… not entirely.

I would also be intrigued with meeting Wedge Antilles, from the Star Wars trilogy (the GOOD trilogy) and the X-Wing books. He’s one of those characters who’s old beyond his years, with more experience than he should have… and he’s fun, t’boot. Actually, just about anyone from the X-wing series ('cept Bror Jace… he was an ass).

Okay for me I’d have to go with

[li]Sydney from Pretender and played by Patrick Bauchau. I’d really like to ask him why he stayed with the center when he knew what they were doing. (Was it really just for Jarod? Or his own personal reasons?) And why did he not leave when Jarod had escaped? To be his connection back in? Or so he could easily keep track of where he had been and what he had done? I could understand the latter but not the former. Jarod could get in whether or not Sydney was there and he would always call to talk to him no matter where he was because Sydney basically was his father.[/li]
[li]Lessa from Dragonriders of Pern. I really want to talk to her about Dragons and possibly meet Ramoth…[/li]
[li]Killashandra from the Crystal Singer trilogy. I’d like to know about crystal singing and the planets she’s visited (as long as it wasn’t a violation of the Hepatite Guild…)[/li]

Hmm thats all I can think of right now. I’ll get back to you if I think of any others I want to meet.

Kinky Friedman from the Kinky Friedman mysteries.
Dr. Zhivago
Dr. Who (Tom Baker)
Malder & Scully from the X-files

Tanis, Dragonlance Choronicles- He was the wise leader who kept the party of opposites together. Even Raistlin would listen to Tanis and Tanis wasn’t nearly as powerful as Raist. Plus he was a Bastard Half-Elf which is enough problems right there. I want to know what he saw in Kit and why he chose Laurana.

Mr. Clark, Without Remorse, Rainbow Six- I just want to drink a cup of coffee with this man and know his views on gun control and hippies.

Theo Bell, Clan Novel Brujah- Any Vampire would do, but if I had a choice I’d want to talk to this Brujah. He is in your face and tough and I’d want to know his thoughts on the whole undead thing. Is it a curse or a blessing?

Death – both the Terry Pratchett version and the Neil Gaiman one.

Ebeneezer Cook from THE SOT WEED FACTOR

Tyrone Slothrup from GRAVITY’S RAINBOW

Sherlock Holmes

Krazy Kat

My top pick–Lord Peter Wimsey is already taken. And my second–Lessa of Pern. I shoulda stayed in bed.

I will nonetheless offer:

Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout’s NYC detective)

There are a lot of minor characters around (like Treebeard and Puddleglum and James Bond’s buddies in Q branch) that I’d like to know more about, but that’s probably a whole 'nother thread.

I’d love to spend a week or so with Leonard Pine and Hap Collins. Joe Lansdale’s creations – redneck Renaissance men, they are.

The winner, hands down, is Gus from Lonesome Dove. A cowboy. Funny, clever, a man’s man. I’ll never forgive Larry McMurtry for killing him off. Cretin.

Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series. Mmm-mmm. An ideal male as envisioned by a female. Can quote Shakespeare AND swing a mean broadaxe. Plus, he has an accent, ye ken, and can fill out a kilt. Gawd, I’m getting horny.

Moses from the Bible. God speaks to him. Need I say more?

Darth Vader from Star Wars - turns to the dark side, then back again. Great storyline, great character.

Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind - dashing, loyal, charming, but an achilles heel. Ya gotta love that in a guy.

Andy Dufrense from “Shawshank Redemption”–how could you not totally fall in love with him?

I can’t remember his name, but the guy who played the drums in Pagan Kennedy’s “The Exes.” I thought he was clearly the coolest character, but he only had a few pages dedicated to him.

James from Elizabeth McCracken’s “The Giant’s House.”

Everyone in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried.”

Y’know, on second thought I’ll change my vote.
The greatest fictional character broke his first bronc and became the blood brother of a Blackfoot Indian medicine man by the age of six. At age sixteen, he traveled to the farthest reaches of Asia. One year later, in 1928, he left school and returned to the Orient.
In 1929 he resumed his schooling and took up atomic and molecular physics. During his college years he became a national correspondant and photographer for the most distinguished aviation magazine of his time.
Today, he is considered to be one of the most acclaimed science fiction writers of all time, a field he revolutionized.

Can anyone name this fictional character? :slight_smile:


I thought it was Indy Jones until it said Sci-Fi writer. I don’t know but I want to add Indy Jones on my list now. :slight_smile:

Corwin from Roger Zelazny’s “Amber” series–one of my all time favorites, very cool. A warrior
in the true sense of the word, a gentlemen, and a philosopher, albeit a reluctant one. And he’s
part of a great family!

John Carter from E.R. Burroughs “Warlord of Mars” series–a Virginia gentlemen, with the spirit
of the Warrior in his soul. It’s the accent, combine it with a sword–I’m a pushover.

Han Solo–arrogant but vunerable, who could want more?

Coren from Patricia McKillip’s “Forgotten Beast of Eld”–a great book by a great author. For
that matter, I wouldn’t mind spending time with Sybel from the same book. He’s just an all
around romantic hero, willing to give up his vengence for his lady, ready to fight for her heart, a
and forgive when her pride gets in their way.

Rumpole from John Mortimer’s books. Because I like lawyers.

And, of course, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, and Paddington
Bear, 'cuz girls just want to have fun.

A couple off the top of my head:

Obie: from The Well Of souls series. He’s a sentient computer with a reality changing apperatus. His character seems very interesting and moral, esp. considering the power he wields.

Jesse, from The Preacher comic book series. He’s a down to earth character with the word Of God (Hmm. seems to be a patern here).

Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman.

Sten, from the sci fi series. Also, from the same series, I’d like to meet the immortal emperor,

Paksennarion(sp?), from The Deed Of Paksennarion. A female paladin (Holy warrior), she faces trails and tribulations that knock her down, but never break her. A strong, moral, female character in a sword and sorcery series. Pretty cool.

Martha Washington, from Frank Miller’s Give Me Liberty graphic novel series.



mararian wins the booby prize. I had my doubts about L. Ron Hubbard as a fiction writer, until I read his biography in the back of Battlefield Earth. :slight_smile: