Anyone else have a crush on a fictional character?

The ones I want to know about are book characters, and no comic books don’t count :stuck_out_tongue: Mine are; T.S.Garp, from The World According To Garp, Loius, but from Interview With The Vampire only, Nick Andros from The Stand, Zane from On A Pale Horse, and both Beeker and Mother from the Phule Series by Robert Aspirin.
So, cough it up folks…am I the only with an overactive imagination here?

Heh. Lessee…

You have to share Zane. I also have a thing for both the very noble Benedict and the sometimes nasty Julian, Princes of Amber from Roger Zelezany’s Chronicles of Amber. I like Louis, even if he gets rather maudlin at times.

Oh yeah, long time lech for Captain Nemo. Tormented, brilliant manic-depressive. Plus he’s rich and has his own submarine. What’s not to love?

I’m very much in love with the god of the underworld, Hades. Not because I’m some sort of goth or satanist or something, but he seems like a classic, Heathcliff, tortured soul sort. I’ve often fantasized about being the delicate, virginal Persephone, swept away on a black horse by a mysterious, angry Hades. Growwwwwwllll…

And of course I love Sydney Carton from Tale of Two Cities.

Villains, it seems, have a very strong hold on me. Evil can be very very sexy.


It’s that whole “Bad Boy” thing, jarbaby :wink:

Mine are Val Con yos’Phelium from Agent of Change, Carpe Diem and Plan B and Domerc from Lost in Translation.

I can’t believe my thunder was nearly stolen…but not quite. I had a huge crush on another Interview With a Vampire character, but mine was on LeStat. Yes, I know he was a total prick, but he was soooo sexy sounding to me.

Now my other one is going to make you folk think I am completely insane (which is not far offbase regardless). I was simply ga-ga over Paul Drake on the old Perry Mason series. Not necessarily the actor (although he was a doll) but the character. He just melted my butter. But that one probably doesn’t count, since you were asking about books. Sorry.

Silky “Yeah, I said BITE ME!” Threat

Marcus Didius Falco from the Lindsey Davis’ series set in ancient Rome.

Vlad Taltos from the Steven Brust series (big time crush!!)

Corwin, Prince of Amber and his brother Random from the aforementioned Zelazny series.

and, certainly not least,

Coren of Sirle from Patricia McKillip’s * The Forgotten Beast of Eld*, one of the best books
written and one of the most romantic heroes around.

And this is just from memory. If I think about it, well, I fall in love a lot. Too bad most of them
are fictional–my life would be much more interesting!!

Evil can be very sexy? Hm. Have you checked out my thread? it’s pretty much dead now but if you want, you could revive it for me…sounds like your type of thing. ::looks tempting::

Alright my own. I’ve posted some of the same characters i’ve always liked on other threads, but I’ll give you guys some new, more original ones.

Sherlock Holmes- (You know what book, there were many.)

Gilbert- What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Basically anyone from the Hitchhiker’s Guide “Trilogy”
Any guy that is.

Maxim from Rebecca. (Named my bear after him!)

The protagonists of The Shining and Christine.

Perry from In Cold Blood. Granted that’s not fictional but still…

That’s it. :slight_smile:

Nick from The Stand - the deaf mute. I was really traumatized when he screwed the girl in the small town store. How could he!

Jack from The Talisman. I really love him, even though he’s only 13. I love his strength; what he was willing to do to save his mother. He had the right mix of strength and tenderness.

And I fall in love with Pip every time I read Great Expectations. He was terribly deluded by Miss Havisham; it wasn’t his fault he spent his life pining over Estella. I wanted to hug him until he felt whole again.

Sidney Carton is another one I loved, but out of pity. He was a sweetheart. I’ll read that book nine hundred more times just to get to the last two pages.
Finally, Forney from Where the Heart Is - they never really described him, but the part where he says, “There’s nothing better than you, Novalee” rips me apart every time. And he lives in a library! I couldn’t ask for more.

Let’s see… where to begin?

First, I have had a crush on Gilbert Blythe from Anne Of Green Gables since I was but a wee lass.

I do not think that there are many fictional vampires that I wouldn’t let bite my neck. The whole process seems so sexual and seductive.

And Good Will Hunting… mmmm… a humble genius that has a smile to die for.

I always had a thing for Michael Curry from Anne Rice’s “Witches” series. I’m also fond of your Jay Gatsbys and your James Bonds (Both from the books, of course. Unless a Mr. Brosnan is still under contract…grrrrrow!).

Am I the only guy in here?

Oh well, who cares?

I (am in love with/would like to shag/want to get to know) a whole slew of fictional chicas from the books I get down on, and a few of them are:

[li]Danaerys Targaryen, from A Song of Ice and Fire series -George RR Martin.[/li][li]Shae, same as above.[/li][li]Avienda, from The Wheel of Time series-Robert Jordan[/li][li]Any of the Mord-Sith, from The Sword of Truth series -Terry Goodkind[/li][li]Morgaine, from The Mists of Avalon -Marion Zimmer Bradley[/li][li]Ayla, from Clan of the Cave Bear -Jean M. Auel[/li][li]Angelina, from The Stainless Steel Rat books -Harry Harrison[/li][li]Loern, from Tide of Sand -Me[/li][/ul]

That last one isn’t published (yet) and it’s because I haven’t finished writing it yet. But trust me, Loern is a very cool chic. As the author, I thought up my ideal woman, stuck her in this world, and made her my widow. Though she is not the main character, she is a main character, and for some strange reason, I love her. I hope that doesn’t make me insane…
Then again, many great artists are insane. It’s a fine line between madness and genius, I always say.
[sub]omni-present voice in the back of my head: You always say that?[/sub]
No… shut up.

Yeah, there are many. I can only think of a couple…

[li]Talia, from Mercedes Lackey’s Arrows of the Wind* series,[/li][li]Kahlan, (as above), from Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth* series,[/li][/ul]

There were probably more when I was younger, too. I’ll chime in again when I think of more…

Angua from Terry Pratchett’s City Watch books rocks my world utterly. In a twisted tribute of love, I named a hermit crab after her. [sub]shut up.[/sub]

I couldn’t even begin to count 'em, but I’m pretty sure it all started with Ponyboy Curtis.

Dorothy Dunnett has a knack for creating them … how could a girl ever choose between Francis Crawford and Claes vander Poele?

And Bill, from Stephen King’s IT. It might seem creepy, since he’s 12 years old for most of the book, but I think it’s ok, because you somehow magically return to your 12 year old self while you’re reading it.

Porthos is my favorite musketeer. I think most women go for Athos, but Porthos is my man.

Does anyone else read Elswyth Thane? Cabot Murray really floats my boat. Fighting to preserve the Union, and being a stud to boot. I could have nursed him back to health in Andersonville, never mind that silly Eden Day.

Kinsey Milhone, from Sue Grafton’s alphabet series (A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, etc.) Ex-cop, now a PI, self-assured, smart, can’t seem to find a man who won’t burn her in some way, carries a gun. What’s not to like?

I would love to see movies made of the books, but Grafton says no way, after what they did to V. I. Warshawsky


I gotta go with Paula Grey from Colin Forbes’ Tweed series.

It must be her accent :slight_smile:

I’d have to go on the waiting list for Nick Andros, too - something very sweet and vulnerable about him.

Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (but there may be some Colin Firth images coming in there, I don’t remember particularly being enamoured the first time I read the book).

Laurie from Little Women - I could never understand how Jo could turn him down, and I still believe he and Amy were only ever a second best option.

Another Stephen King one, but I don’t have the book in front of me, and it’s been a while - the main character in the Dead Zone - can someone remind me of his name? I think the appeal of that one is another thwarted true love affair.

ohhhhhhh…bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do when I come for you?

That’s so true. I do love bad boys, even though I’ve had bad experiences with truly bad boys. I can’t stay away. Good thing I married a complete angel.

I can’t believe I left out my very biggest fictional crush:

Couer de Fer from Justine by Marquis De Sade. DAMN HE IS SEXY. the good thing is that they don’t really describe his looks TOO much, just say that he’s thirty six…an ideal and very sexy age. I’ll picture how that criminal sodomist looks myself :wink: