Most interesting stretches of highways/x-ways

The flip side to this thread. Let’s try and restrict it to Interstate-style highways, i.e. four lanes or wider.

I’ll set the bar high with I-70 through Glenwood Canyon, Colorado. The whole of I-70 between Grand Junction and Denver is pretty neat, but that part’s definitely the most spectacular.

Everyone bags on I-5 in central California, but at least driving south you’re rewarded with the Grapevine between Bakersfield & Los Angeles. (Just watch out for slow driving trucks!)

I-40 between Barstow, CA & Flagstaff, AZ has its moments, though there’s a few boring stretches.

Adding link for I-5 Tejon Pass/Grapevine.

OP got it in one (I-70 through western Colorado). Makes up for Kansas.

In the east: I-81 through the Shenandoah Valley, roughly Winchester to Roanoke, VA.

NM, missed the 4 lane restriction in the OP

Hwy 128 from Cisco to Moab Utah.

One of my favorite roads of any type, but it doesn’t meet the OP’s criteria of being an “interstate” style highway of four lanes or wider.

That’s because he wants the terrorists to win.

I-89 across the north half of Vermont is lovely.

nm (I posted California SR 1 and the Beartooth Highway before reading the 4-lane requirement).

Also I-15 around Leeds, Utah.

And, I-84 around the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge (Hudson River), New York.

I’d have put the Virgin River Canyon stretch to the southwest of there ahead. I used to drive Idaho to California twice a year and I dearly loved that stretch, though it’s not terribly long.

Finally, I-80 in northern New Jersey is remarkably nice, as is I-287 which connects it to the New York State border, skirting the NY-NJ metro area. Mainly forested hills and valleys, plus a few farms and lakes – almost urban buildup at all! (Some wealthy homes behind the trees in places, but also surprisingly high number of public lands, e.g. Allamuchy Mountain State Park.)

Joisey – who knew? :slight_smile:

US 395 in California along the eastern Sierra from Lee Vining to Lone Pine.

I-75 between Mackinaw City and St. Ignace

The first time I drove that stretch, we were driving north from Las Vegas. We saw the mountains getting closer and no sign of the road going around or over - then bam, off into the gorge we went!

Great little diversion after a stretch of desert.

The Western I-84 has a couple of nice stretches; from it’s junction with I-80 down to the Salt Lake Valley is similar to what I understand of I-70’s Glenwood Canyon.

Also I-84 runs at river level through the Columbia River Gorge … totally awesome during waterfall season … hey, keep your eyes on the road will ya.

US-101 over the Golden Gate Bridge …

Thanks–that video is awesome, showing all the exits, elevation, and other info as you drive up, over, and down the pass.For some reason I think going north is more interesting than going south.

I would add to the list the first freeway built in the western U.S.–the 110 (The Arroyo Seco Parkway, or Pasadena Freeway) which connects downtown L.A. with Pasadena. Because it was build so early, I guess cars didn’t go so fast when it was built, so the on-ramps are kind of nerve-wrackingly short. The windiness of road itself doesn’t help, especially because there are so many interesting things to distract you as you go.

[QUOTE=watchwolf49;19605519Also I-84 runs at river level through the Columbia River Gorge … totally awesome during waterfall season … hey, keep your eyes on the road will ya.[/QUOTE]

This would be my choice. From Troutdale to The Dalles.

It actually used to even nicer. The growth of trees next to the highway has blocked the views quite a bit. A good excuse to get off the interstate Ben Stone.

The Adirondack Northway (i-87), already named the most scenic highway in America.