Most isolated population center in the world

Which city is the furtherest away from another city. By another city I mean a population center of at least 100,000 inhabitants.

My own guess would be Perth, Australia. Any other contenders Some Pacific Island nations capital perhaps.


Anchorage Alaska is pretty far–the nearest big city I guess would be Vancouver.

I dunno, I heard from a pretty good authority that it’s really close to Vladivostok.

Perth is only 1100 miles from Adelaide, is there a 100K+ city closer to Anchorage than that? Vladivostok is 3300 miles away.

Looks like Vancouver is 1300 miles from Anchorage, is that right?

about 1329 or so. Distance from Honolulu to LA is 2558 miles. Anything closer?

Of course, come to think of wouldn’t it indeed be Honolulu? It is what, 2500 miles from LA?

From Wikipedia

The most remote major city with a population in excess of one million is Auckland in New Zealand. The nearest city of comparable size or greater is Sydney in Australia, 2,153 kilometres (1,338 mi.) away.[11]

The most remote major city with a population in excess of 500,000 is Honolulu in Hawaii. The nearest city of comparable size or greater is San Francisco, 3,841 kilometres (2,387 mi.) away.

Playing around with the Great Circle Calculator:
[ul][li]Honolulu, USA: Nearest city is San Francisco, USA, 3860 km. []Magadan, Russia: Nearest city is Vladivostok, Russia, 2225 km. []Anchorage, USA: Nearest city is Vancouver, Canada, 2141 km.[]Suva, Fiji: Nearest city is Auckland, NZ, 2134 km.[]Perth, Australia: Nearest city is Adelaide, Australia, 2120 km.[/ul][/li]These are the closest “neighbouring cities” I found for each one; it’s possible that there are major cities that are closer to each one that I missed. I believe that Suva is the only Pacific Island city with a population over 100,000 (other than Honolulu), though again I might be missing something.

Huh, I always think of NZ as being closer to Australia, but a closer look at a map proves me ignorant. And my wife is from Australia (Perth).

How far is Papeete, Tahiti (pop. 180’000) from other big cities ?

St Helena is not just geographically remote but also very poorly served by transport. However, its population (4,000) is well below 100,000.

Saint Helena is one of the most isolated places in the world, located in the South Atlantic Ocean more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi) from the nearest major landmass.

Assuming the OP meant that both cities are over 100,000 in population, I think Honolulu wins it.

Suva, Fiji, to Auckland, New Zealand, is 2115 km.
Anchorage to Vancouver is 2130 km.
Perth to Adelaide is 2136 km.
Honolulu to San Francisco is 3854 km.

Papeete’s population is only about 25,000.

There aren’t many places of any description, let alone cities, that are more than 3854 km from a big city. Kerguelen Island (4229 km from Perth) is farther from a big city, but there is no city on the island. The South Pole is 4000 km from Punta Arenas (the southernmost city with 100K pop.), but again there’s no city in Antarctica.

You’re right bibliophage. 180’000 is Tahiti’s.

I think there’s a bit different in the idea of isolation as in sheer distance vs. isolation is in lack of contact. New Zealand might be very isolated due to distance, but a plane trip to Australia is very affordable and pretty short. Perth is over on the west side of Australia, but there are multiple flights to Melbourne for less than $250.

You look at the tribal areas in Pakistan. They’re only about 10 or so miles from Peshwar, a city of almost three million people, but they might as well be on a different planet. Very few people in FATA travel even outside of their own village area due to the danger.

[quote=“MikeS, post:10, topic:520604”]

[ul] [li]Magadan, Russia: Nearest city is Vladivostok, Russia, 2225 km.[/ul][/li][/QUOTE]
I should amend this: the closest major city to Magadan I’ve been able to find is Kitami, Japan, at a distance of 1851 km. Sapporo is also closer than Vladivostok.

You might find this map of travel times to major cities interesting.

THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for the large size of that map for a while

I think the poster was joking. He was making a Sara Palin joke… that she could see Russia from her home in Alaska… I don’t think he was serious that Anchorage was super close to Vladivostok.

There are also several other cities in Russia that are closer to Magadan. According to that mapper, Khabarovsk with population of more than half a million is 1614 km away, to Komsomolsk-na-Amur with quarter a million it’s 1370 km, and to two cities with population of 200 thousand, Yakutsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatskiy, only 1154 km and 888 km, respectively. Even though the distances between major centers of Russian Far East are huge compared to most populated areas, they’re not several thousands kilometers.

Kerguelen, if inhabited, would indeed be a very remote place to live. However both the Mascarene Islands (Réunion and Mauritius) and the southern end of Madagascar, all of which have cities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants, are closer to it than Australia is, the distance between Kerguelen and both Mauritius and Réunion being less than 3500 km. So, like you say, Honolulu is more remote anyway.