Most loathsome city in the universe

I’m not talking most dangerous, poorest, most polluted, most foreclosed-upon, highest unemployment rates, etc. Although those things definitely should be considered.

I’m just asking what you believe to be the most loathsome, despicable, rotten, stinking, no-good city in the whole universe.
I say:

Jefferson City, MO, USA.

I don’t know if it’s the most loathsome - but Baltimore is pretty unpleasant. Drugs, poverty, piss-poor public transit and overshadowed by Washington in every way.

I don’t have any particularly hard feelings about it, but East St. Louis, IL was the most depressing and scary place I’ve ever been (and I was born in Detroit, so that’s really saying something).

I wasn’t too thrilled with Winnipeg when I was there a couple years ago.

Newark, NJ. If I ever have to go back there, even to the airport (or especially to the airport) it will be too soon.

I gotta go with East St. Louis too.

It pretty much leads the league in all the shit things.

Las Vegas. Evil wrapped in consumerism.

Baltimore (my home town) is a good choice for ciites that size.

For cities under 100K, Porterville, CA meets all the criteria: near tops unemployment, gan troubles, 75-80% hs education or less, near tops in pollution, near tops in gas prices, near tops in auto insurance rates (not just CA, but nationally for all that I think).

ETA - I forgot foreclosure, I think among the top rates in all cf CA, which itself is among the tops in the nation.

I spent some time in Oshawa, Ontario. It was there that I came to know the sort of nameless dread that I had hitherto believed only existed in the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The last time this came up, I recall a very convincing case was made for Gary, IN. Never been to either, but I don’t see how anything but there and East St. Louis are even in the running.


Gary, Indiana. I went through there in October. I was appalled, and I do not use that word lightly. I would have been terrified to go into the city hall.

According to my dad, Lumberton, NC is an ugly little town full of ugly little people. He may be prejudiced though. He grew up there. But Lumberton has been listed nationally as the worst city of it’s size more than once.

You misspelled Rochester, N.Y.

Tobacco Road (scroll down about 3/5).

“Only you know how I loathe…Tobacco Road.”

Meh - I like Gary. Good people there, and they’re building a strong community. There’s actually quite a bit to do there - very nice little minor league baseball park.

I loathe Kokomo, IN. It’s nothing but traffic lights and run down strip malls.

High five. Although to be fair, I’ve only experienced the airport.

If it has nothing else going for it, it’s the perfectly shaped city. A circle of businesses surrounded by a circle of high density housing surrounded by a circle of suburbs surrounded by countryside.

I’m going to stand up for Rochester here. tygre and I went to Rochester a couple weeks ago to a restaurant downtown near the Eastman School of Music. There were coffee shops brimming with young arty types, new buildings going up nearby, many restaurants and bars doing brisk business. Despite well-known big businesses closing down, there is a lot else going on in Rochester from a business standpoint, with lots of industrial parks buzzing along. Yes, it’s got bad parts, but what big city doesn’t?

I defy you to go to other places named in this thread, like Gary or East St. Louis, then go to Rochester’s downtown areas and business parks and tell me that Rochester even belongs on the same list. And, honestly, I have no real connections to Rochester–I’ve just been to the place, and it’s just not in the same league as Gary or East St. Louis or Detroit (all of which I’ve also been to).

I came in here to say Newark, and the only part I’ve been in was the airport. That’s how bad Newark Airport is.

Bithlo, Florida is up there, though. Only town in the world with 14 junkyards and one McDonald’s.