Most popular milder forms for certain swear words

Generally I would consider “darn” as the most common euphemism for “damn.” Though I suppose “drat” would be up there. Likewise “heck” for “hell.” What are some others?

I guess I have heard “motherlover” used. I have nothing for “c**t” or even “bitch.” What are some others, or are there none in some cases?

Going down the Lenny Bruce nine dirty words:
“ass” - many acceptable variants, “butt” being the most common?
“balls” - gonads?
“cs**” - no idea
“ct" - no idea
k” - screw?
“mf” - motherlover?
“ps" - probably pee
t” - probably poop
“tits” - probably boobs

Some euphemisms or substitute words try to preserve the meaning; others try to preserve the sound. For the latter, there’s “fudge,” “frick(in’),” “frig(gin’).” For the former, “screw” certainly works; but there’s always “intercourse.”

“cotton-pickin’” may be a sound-preserving substitute for “mf’.” Or it may be a racial epithet; who knows?

“shit,” “crap,” and “poop” all have pretty much the same meanings, both literally and as swear words, but they’re in decreasing order of naughtiness/adultness.

boobs, breasts, jugs, melons, bosoms, ta-tas, bazongas, hooters, knockers, …

Since “most popular” is a matter of opinion, let’s move this to IMHO.

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mf : whippersnapper!

Every time someone is about to say “bitch” on TV you can watch them pause for a half second as they realize they can’t swear, and then come up with “witch” so I’d say it’s the #1 euphemism for that one.

Porky Pig would like a word with you:

I used to work with a woman who, if she got frustrated, would say, “Oh, dirty words!” She picked up that habit when her kids were young.

That would cover pretty much everything.

Spoilered because I hate asterisks and we’re all adults here, but I realize this thread could turn NSFW.

[SPOILER]“Shut the front door!” for “shut the fuck up!”

“Corksoaker” for cocksucker.[/SPOILER]


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Porky Pig would like a word with you:


Good pick. At the same time the phrase “son of a btch" is totally different than the use for "btch”. After all, one begets the other. You’d never say “That woman is such a gun.” or “That gun screamed at me all morning”.

The rest of the world is amused at the American aversion to using ‘bitch’ as a descriptor. Here in the UK, it is an insult for sure, but there are worse ones. On the other hand, ‘motherfucker’ is almost never heard outside of the rap community.

In the 1985 movie “Johnny Dangerously”, rival crime boss Roman Moroney advanced the art considerably (“icehole”, “fargin’ bastages”, etc.

Redd Foxx had a short-lived sitcom in which he occasionally said the word ‘motherfather’.

ETA: I believe it was the Redd Foxx Show (1986)

I thought it was “Mister Falcon” :smiley:

Maybe that’s only when it is preceded by “yippee ki-yay”

The caveman Alley Oop was said to be a “mean motor scooter”.
Also a “bad go getter” but I think that was just for the rhyme.

My ex-father-in-law used the term “scrub stock”. He never explained that term to me to any kind of satisfaction. I don’t care that much.

FWIW, it merits an entry in the Urban Dictionary. It’s not a “sentence enhancer”, not officially.

I’ve been known to say “asterisks!” when out with people I’d met online.