Most ridiculed individuals in history?

A Vanity Fair article mentions that the current US president “may well be the most ridiculed man in history”.

Who else do you think would be on such a list?

Carrot Top?

None that would beat Trump, but:

Kayne West
Jimmy Carter
Neville Chamberlain

Jimmy Carter? Really? Jimmy Carter is a great man, and few Presidents, or even common men, can hold a candle to him.

I completely agree. But he’s often ridiculed (not by me)

George W. Bush

A lot of US Presidents were ridiculed mercilessly in their time. People forget Hoover, Wilson, Arthur, Coolidge. I heard Nixon took a few criticisms as well.

But they fade with time. Herr Twitler, on the other hand, may have some staying power. His presidency may stand the test of time. He’s already making W look like an outstanding president. That takes extraordinary effort.

I don’t think that Carter is particularly ridiculed today (or even in the last decade or two). But, during his presidency, and immediately afterwards, he was widely seen as an ineffectual, weak president. It’s the work he’s done after his presidency, his statesmanship and grace, which has changed opinions of him.

When logic and proportion. Have fallen sloppy dead. And the White Knight is talking backwards. And the Red Queen’s off with her head. Remember what the dormouse said. Feed your head. Feed your head.

Be that as it may, he was still highly ridiculed. Up until Carter, people said “If only we could get an honest man in the White House.” When we finally got one, we couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

The most ridiculed person would be the person who is anathema to whomever has control over the most powerful and influential apparatus with which to express and disseminate hate. That would put people like Castro and Darwin right in the crosshairs.

How about George McClellan? Whatever the opposite of “vindicated by history” is, it’s what happened to McClellan. While he had his defenders in his lifetime, pretty much everyone would now agree that his record during the war was a string of wrong decisions and bad judgments.

The problem with George McClellan is that he’s relatively unknown outside the US and even in the US few think about him now.


If there is ever a movie about the Trump presidency made, I demand that there be a throw away shot of GWB watching Trump at a Press Conference on TV, raising his hand, pointing, and saying,

"Now THAT man is an Idiot…!"


A fine trainer of armies though.

How many millions of casualties is Trump responsible for ?

Remember Dan Quayle?

As a Hoosier by Choice, definitely Dan Quayle.

Also, Ed Wood, although I think since the movie came out, people have a soft spot for him. I remember how he was ridiculed before the movie, though. Wow.

Burt Bacharach. Jeff Altman of Pink Lady and Jeff. Fred Silverman of NBC, the man who came up with such hits as Pink Lady and Jeff.

Also, for the long-time-gone, but not forgotten, award, Colley Cibber.

Well, maybe before he started juicing. I don’t think anyone ridicules him to his face. CT will fuck you up!

Nixon and Dubya have to be at the top of the list.