Most ridiculed individuals in history?

The man wrote “Close to You.”

Doubting Thomas.

Brutus and Cassius. Caiaphas and Annas. Pontius Pilate. Herod Antipater.

The Captain of the Titanic.

The guys who invented New Coke and the guys who built the Edsel.

William Jennings Bryan.

Fill in the blank in this phrase:

____________'s Folly

Seward’s Folly

I’d expect most students of American history would know this. Or change this to the person’s-name b_l_a_n_k and they would probably fill in the folly portion. That’s a high-level of ridicule.

My first choice was Richard Nixon, who was impeached shortly after winning the 1972 election by a landslide.

For a better answer, I think you need to look at history and literature. Dante skewers a lot of people in The Divine Comedy, so those folks have been humiliated for centuries.

As soon as I read the OP my first thought was Nixon. But since you mention it ------ Yahoo Serious.

The various Kims that have led North Korea, each more ridiculous than the last.

Define “casualty”, and let’s come back in 3 years to discuss this. :dubious:

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Death or wounding. That’s how casualties are defined in warfare.
Entirely personally I would include having one’s home destroyed or being forced to flee.

I don’t care for Trump, but he seems rather less reckless than W. or Hillary. And warfare doesn’t give him income.

Benito Mussolini.

But the dormouse didn’t say “FEED your head;” he said “KEEP your head.”

You know, for George’s with a similar governing capacity to His Trumpiness, you really can’t beat “The Third”

Trump is reckless virtually every time he posts his aimless stream of consciousness on twitter.

How has W or Hillary profited from warfare?

General Custer has a healthy mix of hate and ridicule.

Gawd, this. I was young and foolish then, as well as a Pub, and Jimmy was seen as the height of foolishness. We mocked the interview where we said he had committed adultery in his heart as well as his perceived weakness in dealing with Iran. Then there his brother Billy, the living stereotype of all things Southern white trash.

As a man and a human being, yes. As President he was… ridiculable. Too good for the office.

So far, at least, Trump has not done anything as abysmally stupid–or with as serious long-time consequences–as invade Iraq. Give him time of course.

Neville Chamberlain was deeply ridiculed in his time.

Neville Chamberlain didn’t have too many choices.

Twitter is not an Iraq nor a Libya.

Never said they did, just that Trump, seeing no personal profit in an enterprise, would have no interest in pursuing it.

[ However, there are other profits for warmongers, non-pecuniary — for those two, such spiritual pleasures include being strong and ‘patriotic’: ‘The toughest SOB in the House of War’.
There’s a reason Obama was at war every single day of his administration. ]

I’ve never heard anyone ridicule Burt Bacharach. Are you sure you’re not conflating him with the Carpenters (who recorded the biggest-selling version of “Close to You”)?

The Carpenters were ridiculed for being “square”, but even that was mostly limited to young adults who considered their musical preferences superior to the Carpenters’ middle of the road genre. (Rolling Stone is supposed to have run a concert review that focused more on their unhip clothes than their music).

And even that ridicule ended with Karen’s death, when people realized the pain she was hiding, which led a lot of people to reconsider her singing.

But Burt Bacharach? Can you give me an example?