Most runs scored before first out in first inning?

The Angels scored four runs in the first inning before making an out.

Wondering if records are kept on this sort of thing?

(If the opposing pitcher is taken out, his ERA must go right down the drain!)

This article is excerpted, but the “preview” contains the information that the Red Sox set the record with ten runs before they made an out on June 27, 2003.

The box score of that game reveals that Florida starter Carl Pavano allowed the first six Boston runs, with Michael Tejera being charged with the next five. He was then lifted in favor of Allen Levrault, who surrendered three more runs before getting through the first inning and pitching through the third (he allowed six runs in all). The final score was 25-8.

561, apparently.

The tenth run scored on a sacrifice fly.

Bottom of the 1st, Red Sox Batting, Behind 0-1, Marlins' Carl Pavano facing 1-2-3
b1 	0 	--- 		6,(2-2) CCBBFX 	6% 	51% 	0-1 	BOS 	J. Damon 	C. Pavano 	Double to RF (Ground Ball thru Deep 1B)
b1 	0 	-2- 	R 	6,(3-2) FBFBBX 	7% 	58% 	0-1 	BOS 	T. Walker 	C. Pavano 	Single to CF (Line Drive); Damon Scores
b1 	0 	1-- 		2,(0-1) SX 	9% 	68% 	1-1 	BOS 	N. Garciaparra 	C. Pavano 	Double to CF (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Walker to 3B
b1 	0 	-23 	RRR 	1,(0-0) X 	12% 	79% 	1-1 	BOS 	M. Ramirez 	C. Pavano 	Home Run (Fly Ball); Walker Scores; Garciaparra Scores
b1 	0 	--- 		4,(2-1) CBBX 	3% 	83% 	4-1 	BOS 	D. Ortiz 	C. Pavano 	Double to RF (Line Drive)
b1 	0 	-2- 	R 	3,(1-1) BCX 	4% 	87% 	4-1 	BOS 	K. Millar 	C. Pavano 	Single to CF (Line Drive); Ortiz Scores
									Michael Tejera replaces Carl Pavano pitching
b1 	0 	1-- 		1,(0-0) .X 	2% 	89% 	5-1 	BOS 	T. Nixon 	M. Tejera 	Single to RF (Line Drive); Millar to 2B
b1 	0 	12- 		9,(3-2) CCFBFBFB>B 	3% 	92% 	5-1 	BOS 	B. Mueller 	M. Tejera 	Walk; Millar to 3B; Nixon to 2B
b1 	0 	123 	RR 	5,(2-2) BBSFX 	3% 	95% 	5-1 	BOS 	J. Varitek 	M. Tejera 	Single to CF (Ground Ball thru Deep SS-2B); Millar Scores; Nixon Scores; Mueller to 2B
b1 	0 	12- 	RR 	9,(2-2) CCBFBFFFX 	3% 	98% 	7-1 	BOS 	J. Damon 	M. Tejera 	Triple to RF (Line Drive to Deep RF); Mueller Scores; Varitek Scores
b1 	0 	--3 	R 	8,(3-2) BSBBFFFX 	0% 	98% 	9-1 	BOS 	T. Walker 	M. Tejera 	Single to RF (Ground Ball); Damon Scores
									Allen Levrault replaces Michael Tejera pitching
b1 	0 	1-- 	O 	5,(3-1) .BBBCX 	-0% 	98% 	10-1 	BOS 	N. Garciaparra 	A. Levrault 	Foul Popfly: C (Behind Home)
b1  	1  	1--  	 	1,(0-0) X  	0%  	98%  	10-1  	BOS  	M. Ramirez  	A. Levrault  	Single to RF (Line Drive); Walker to 3B
b1 	1 	1-3 		6,(3-2) BCBBFB 	0% 	98% 	10-1 	BOS 	D. Ortiz 	A. Levrault 	Walk; Ramirez to 2B
b1 	1 	123 	RO 	3,(1-1) CBX 	0% 	99% 	10-1 	BOS 	K. Millar 	A. Levrault 	Flyball: CF/Sacrifice Fly; Walker Scores

Wait a sec, Garciaparra was the first out, before the tenth run!

Look at the summary again.

Damon doubled
Walker singled Damon in (first run)
Garciaparra doubled Walker to third
Ramirez hit a homer (second through fourth runs)
Ortiz doubled
Millar singled in Ortiz (fifth run)
Nixon singled Millar to second
Mueller walked to load the bases
Varitek singled in Millar and Nixon (runs #6 and #7)

Damon tripled in Mueller and Varitek (eighth and ninth runs)
Walker singled in Damon (tenth run)

Only then did Garciaparra hit a pop foul for the first out.

I watched that game from a hotel room in Gorham NH before a hike the next day. I remember it well.