Most successful Hall of Fame band

What musical act had the most success after being inducted into the RR HoF?

The Rolling Stones, most likely: their albums still sell and they sell out their tours.

The Beatles???

Pink Floyd?

The Beatles were inducted in 1988.

The Rolling Stones were inducted in 1989.

Pink Floyd was inducted in 1996.

The question was which band was most successful after being inducted. How could the Beatles or Pink Floyd be successful after they were inducted? They were no longer together. The Rolling Stones are still together

By selling lots of records?

Which band made more money? I’d be willing to bet that the Stones have earned less after induction than the Beatles or Elvis, to name two.

etv78, why don’t you tell us what your question meant?

It’s also trouble based on year of induction.

Rush - in my predictably partisan example - has been touring and releasing albums that consistently go gold for a long time. But they were eligible for the Hall of Fame for 14 or 15 years before being elected. Had they been elected in 1999 they’d be up there in terms of most gold and platinum sales, most records sold and most concert tickets sold.

Even so, each of their releases of new material since 1991 have cracked the top 10 in album sales and each of their tours since 2000 has been in the top 20 in terms of ticket sales. That’s a strong argument for longevity as a working band.

Pink Floyd was no longer together after 1996?

Pink Floyd broke up in 1995. There was a single concert in 2005 where they were reunited:

Depends on what you mean. If you just consider work created after their induction, then the Stones win by a large margin. The Beatles, Elvis, and Pink Floyd (other than the one-off reunion concert) only sell work created before their induction (but the Stones’s earlier work is still selling very well, too, enough so that their later work would put them ahead of the others).

It’s possible Paul McCartney challenges on this basis, since he tours and has had some successful albums.

I meant most successful releasing new material after induction. This was like the “old movie” thread.

If we can include solo artists, Bob Dylan would be a good contender for both critical and popular success. He was inducted in 1988 and has had several number one albums since then, including Time Out of Mind, which won a Grammy for Album of the Year, as well as numerous other Grammy wins.

Santana arguably had their greatest success after being inducted in 1998; the following year they released Supernatural, which was by far their best selling album (over 30 million copies sold) and also won Album of the Year at the Grammys.

Soloists certainly count. Good pick with Dylan.

But they weren’t elected in 1999. But, sure, acts more recently elected have less opportunity for success. But if this is an issue, this question can never be asked.

Rush is in there?

Yes, they are. Look at the link I gave. They were inducted in 2013.

We all have our own definitions of success. If the definition is the act making the most money, well, Paul McCartney’s 2013 tour brought in over 100 million dollars. Not bad. But realistically, Mac is just a nostalgia act now. So are MOST of the inductees who still tour. When McCartney or the Stones tour, nobody wants to hear anything new.

I think the OP is asking which inducteee continued producing the most good/popular music AFTER being elected. Let’s face it, after 25 years, very few bands are still at the peak of their creativity. How many inductees have continued to make successful new music AFTER being elected?

I’d vote for Carlos Santana, but here are a few possibilities:

  1. Elton John was elected in 1994. He has written several popular Broadway musicals since then.

  2. Rod Stewart was also elected in 1994. He has made many successful records since then, especially his albums of old Tin Pan Alley tunes.

  3. Led Zeppelin was elected in 1995. Robert Plant has won a Best Album Grammy for his work with Allison Krauss since then.

  4. Neil Young was elected in 1995. He’s continued to make successful (but not huge) new albums steadily since.

  5. Carlos Santana was elected in 1998; he made his most popular album ever, Supernatural, a year later.

  6. Bruce Springsteen was elected in 1999. He’s had five #1 albums since then.

  7. U2 were elected in 2005. They’ve had a #1 album and a top ten single since then.

  8. Madonna was elected in 2008. She’s had a top ten single and five #1 dance singles in the USA since then.

Roy Orbison was elected in 1987. A year later, he had a big hit album with the Travelling Wilburies, and hit the top ten with “You Got It.” He died shortly afterward.