Most unusual car you've seen today?

Feel free to define unusual any way you want.

Mine was a 1963 (according to the antique plates and Kennedy/Johnson bumper sticker) Studebaker Avanti, light-blue. It really stands on out a city street full of Civics and Camrys. Not in mint condition, clearly it was driven fairly regularly and had a backseat full of junk.

So, what have you seen today?

A police car - unusual because it was a Citroen. I can’t figure out why on earth they’ve started using them. Most of their choices are logical - Ford Focuses for around town, logical for the same reason as anybody gets a Focus, Volvos for highway patrols so they can cram in a large amount of equipment, Jags for unmarked cars that may be involved in high-speed work, and Land Rovers.

But a Citroen? Huh?

I saw an Avanti this morning. That has been my dream car forever. Of course, not light blue - black, or maybe red .

I saw one of these this morning.

I drive a Prius, and that’s often the most unusual car I see in a day.

In Palm Beach, you sometimes see Bentleys and other super luxury cars that are unusual in normal parts of the world.

Most days, it’s our Aztek. It’s a metallic blue; I’ve only seen one other blue Aztek in the Omaha area.Lots of the Aztek’s quieter cousin, the Buick Rendezvous, in that color, but only one other Aztek I know of.

That one has the same wheels as ours, is obviously parked in an area with mulberry trees like ours (the reddish bird crap stains practically matched the ones I’m contantly fighting on ours),and since both my wife and I were in the Ranger at when we first spotted it, we initially thought that someone might have stolen ours.

We live near an old white wooden church popular for weddings and we’ve seen this wacky-looking “super-long Excalibur”-type limo several times (wish I had a picture). On close inspection, this is obviously a stretch of a pre-1991 Lincoln Town Car wrapped in a bunch of outrageous fiberglass fenders, fake sidepipes and sidemount spares, '30s Mercedes-like grille and outsized antique-look headlamps.
All-in-all still less ridiculous than the more-common stretched Hummers and Excursions.

The most unusual car I’ve seen today is a 1963 Triumph Herald 1200 Convertible. It’s parked in my driveway. :smiley:

Nothing today. I saw a brand spankin’ new Rolls Royce going down the 10 on friday though. Also on the same trip a guy was hauling a very unusual-looking motorcycle in the bed of his truck. I have no idea what it was but I liked it, except for the fact that it was ORANGE!!! Only orange-r than that.

A car with the license plate IQ-165. With a Red Sox frame.

:::waves to zenith:::

i will keep an eye out for the excaliber limo, and your blue aztec.

sad about caniglia’s closing, isn’t it?

from omaha,

I saw a car, I suppose it was a car, this morning. It looked like the nose of an airplane, flying, er… driving south on Highway 19 in Hudson, Florida. It definitely had one wheel in front and 2 in the rear and wings. Also a pointy nose. It was tiny.

I know I saw it, but it was so weird. It didn’t look very safe at all. Too bad I was driving north and only had it in my field of vision for about 5 seconds.

Bentley Continental GT

It’s an unusual car in that you’d think there would not be very many on the road. I see three regularly in my neighbourhood. A silver one is parked daily in the garage at the office building where I work.

It was white and had some sort of whirling cutter blades coming out of the front. Oh, and a great big number “5” on each side.

Umm, ::looks out into driveway:: I’ve got a 2001 Kia Rio and a 95 Monte Carlo out there. Which is more unusual?

My housemate’s laser blue Lotus Elise is fairly unusual. The color in particular is uncommon, since it is not listed as an option at any of the dealerships here in the US. You have to know about it to ask for it.

He gets a lot of different reactions from people when they see the car. Kids who play a lot of video games are usually impressed and know all of its stats. Most people have never heard of them though. A week ago, a guy in the parking lot at the movies asked my housemate if he had built it himself, from a kit :wink: . He also gets asked “Who builds a Lotus?” a lot. Lotus builds a Lotus, silly!

A former neighbor of ours had an old 3-wheeler like that - I cannot remember now if it was a BMW or a Messerschmitt, but it was neat.

There’s a whole museum dedicated to microcars. There are way more than you’d think.

Today it was a BMW 2002, dark green. Very nice looking ride.

Our black cherry [read: purple] Scion xA. :cool:

Today I came up behind a strange-looking thing. From the rear, it was as wide as a car (or small truck), and had an open top – actually it had no top. And it was painted with woodland scenery.

As I started to drive up beside it, I saw that it was an open passenger compartment. But I couldn’t see any driver or where the driver would sit.

As I came even with it, I saw it was being pulled by a guy on a Harley Davidson!!! (The bike was in the center, and due to the width of the passenger compartment he wasn’t visible from behind).

It was quite an impressive thing.

A black Hummer.
Being followed immediately by a Black Hummer.

Both had Ohio plates, but from different counties.

I thought I’d come upon a caravan.