Most useful peacetime?

Occasionally, a thought has occurred to me when I see the modern “crop” of superheroes in the media, mostly the gruesomely combat-focused ones. Namely; what would these guys do if they actually DID triumph over evil?

I mean, if by some miracle civilization managed to pull itself together and become a peaceful Utopia, there’s probably not going to be a lot of use for the guy with the metamutant ability to project laser knives out of his eyeballs, all the while brooding a lot.

Assuming, of course, that they wouldn’t just become new supervillains themselves. Which is, frankly, the most likely thing to happen. But that’s a whole 'nother line of hypothesizing, and best left for another day.

So, I ask you…what would be the most useful superpower to have, if you didn’t have to use it for fighting evil? Heck, bonus points if you use a preexisting comic character in an example.

Here I came in here looking for a comment on the responsibility of superpowers (ie nation-states) during peacetime (like today).

I think that the movie Excalibur might interest you. They go around, unite the kingdom, build Camelot but slowly things wither away. Things go awry. The scene where Merlin states that Evil is always around, hiding where you least expect it. Also I’m a firm beleiver in coexisting opposites. You cant define “good” without “evil” (its opposite). So what would be “evil” would just be something that was maybe more “good” than the last Evil. Good and Evil are defined relative to each other. Its the same with “hot” and “cold.” If you got rid of all the “cold” in the world and the polar regions more temperate than you’d just adjust the scale on what people think is “cold” vs what people think is “hot.” Really freaking cold of before destroying all cold places is really super freaking cold to the observer after the destroying the “cold” in the world.

Well, starting with the most basic and common superpower - great stength, occupations in heavy construction would be logical. The Thing could do the work of a dozen men, however, he would probably want to go back to his old job of being a test pilot. Being able to survive a firey crash without a scratch is a big plus in that area. Cyclops and most of the others with energy powers could find work as welders or tunnel diggers. People like Beast, Mister Fantastic, Bruce Banner, The Silver Surfer, Henry Pym and Spider-Man would all be doing some sort of scientific research so powers are somewhat irrelevant in their cases. Professor X and Jean Grey would be working as therapists. Nightcrawler would go back to being a circus acrobat. Wolverine would make a nifty lumberjack.

Zan and Jayna will always be in demand. Throw in Gleek, and you have 3 (2.5?) superheroes that can always find gainfull employment.

Superman could do pretty much anything. Super speed, strength, heat and invulnurability. And can turn back time! He could make as much money as he wanted without trying (and prob. end world hunger while he was about it.)

But he’d probably just be a reporter and use heat vision to boil coffee faster.

Well, what do people want to DO in peacetime?
For most, the top choices would be:

     Make money.
     Attain status.
     Get laid.

The BEST power for attaining these three major human goals listed above is… telepathy!

If you know what people are thinking, you have a tremendous advantage in any negotiation (and even MORE advantage if you can CHANGE what they’re thinking), so some corporation or government would happily pay you handsomely for your services.

You can also make a bundle with “stop smoking/drinking/etc” courses. When Professor X tells you that you don’t want a cigarette anymore… you DON’T want a cigarette!

You’d clean up in Vegas… as long as you stick to cards.

You’d make one hell of a good Washington lobbyist, trial lawyer, Hollywood agent, salesman, politician, or preacher.

Your employees would always be loyal and hard-working.

Your employers would always be generous and appreciative.

Great success in any of these areas would help to bring you status, as wealth always does.

You’d get laid whenever and wherever you wanted, with whoever you wanted, in any manner you wanted… and NO worries about getting rid of the other people when you tired of them.

You’d be essentially impervious to attack, because you’d sense hostility in any nearby minds and cancel it out. Your crack security squad would take care of the rest.

In time, you would rule as much of the world as you wished to, and would be surrounded by adoring sycophants.

The problem is that there are too many superheros. If they all started competing for real jobs, we’d be screwed.

“Hmmm. I can hire five hundred guys for two weeks, or Superman can do it in five seconds…”

“The Hulk is cheaper, but he can be cranky.”

“The Human Torch needs work, I’ll call him.”

“Naah, call his friend The Thing. He’s got to pay off that plastic surgery.”

The power to turn my own urine into gold.

Telekinesis, the ability to move things with one’s mind. All kinds of uses for that, from robbing banks to removing women’s clothing.

What? You said we could become bad guys!!

I second telepathy. While it is not very useful in accumulating knowledge and discover new things, it is very useful to persuade people to do certain things.

“Do not litter on the streets! Do not spit! Put trash away! Stop smoking!”

Magically, people start becoming responsible citizens. :smiley:

There’s a park I used to frequent, and during the daytime, a FedEx guy and a UPS guy would each come (not always at the same time), park, and fall asleep. This would last hours for each of them.

One of them must be The Flash. Get all your deliveries done in five mintues, then sleep the day away. How’s THAT for job satisfaction!

Telempathy…definately. Though I shudder to think what it would be like to know what people REALLY think of me.