How would you use your super power?

In honor of the recent rash of superpower threads, I must ask: If you discovered you had a superpower, how would you use it:

  1. for good (like most comic book heroes)
  2. for evil (like most comic book villains (hiss, hiss))
  3. for personal gain only
  4. some mix of 1, 2, & 3
  5. not at all
    Also, how long do you think you could you hide your superpower(s) before being found out? Flying would be difficult, as would superspeed (ala the Flash). X-ray vision and telepathy would probably be easier.


For evil of course.

My number two pencil superpower? Why, I’d use my number two pencils for Machiavellian use only.
Curvebreaking Kid A: “Oh no…Scantron multiple choice test! I need a number two pencil!”
Zoggie: “Why certainly.” ::takes one out and gives Kid A a pencil wound:: “Now you’ve got a paper cut! You’ve got to go to the nurse! You can’t take the test! You forfeit!” ::laughs a la Sideshow Bob::

And my stuffed animal one? Well, i’d keep them on the bed so that I could torture them.

Most of them I can keep a lid on…I think.

I think a mix of 1 & 3. I mean come on, what is the use of x-ray vision if you wont look through women’s clothing?

To save time.
Fly to work, if I was late, reverse time a little.
Stuff like that, I suppose.
Fight crime? I’m not much of a fighter.