Choose a Superpower...first come, first served!

For the purposes of plot I have access to a device that is capable of giving people comic-book style superpowers, its simple and painless to use, the catch is that its only able to give a specific superpower to a single person at any given time.

So if someone chooses super-strength for example then no-one else can have it at the same time, its first come, first served.

In addition the new abilities are impressive but not godlike, someone with super-strength can bench-press a truck at maximum effort but not anything more, someone with super-speed can break the sound barrier with a long enough run-up but not zip-around at close to light-speed…you get the idea, impressive but limited. And no abilities that are over-powered by definition, like ‘omnipotence’ etc

So what new superpower do you want, and what do you do with it? :slight_smile:

Bonus points for a Straightdope superhero team name.

I’ll take super speed, please.

I’ll take the ability to manipulate time, please and thank you.


Super luck.

I’ll take the ability of knowing every other language, in the universe, including those of aliens and animals.


Green Lantern Ring.

Superhealing – ideally Wolverine strength, but I’ll take what I can get

Precisely controlled shapeshifting with unlimited duration (i.e., once I change, I stay in that form until I make the effort to change again). Mental faculties retained across changes, of course, but otherwise I would assume the natural abilities of anything I turn into, with the reflexes to use them. The “precisely” is specified to cover being able to change only partially or make fine adjustments to an assumed form.

Mind control.

Telepathy please and thank you!

Bro I want the greatest power in this world. I want the ability to create unlimited money out of thin air.:):D;)

The ability to control the density of objects and people including myself.

Telekinesis, such that cars can easily tossed and collapsing building caught with a thought.

Invisibility for me. Oh, the places I’d go and the things I’d see!!!

I want the power of super-knowledge - knowing everything that is known, from Steven Hawking’s last work on black holes to the latest iron-forging techniques, to with whom Mrs Miggins downstairs is having an affair.

The ability to transmute matter on a molecular level.

I’d team up with Wesley Clark to form the Straight Dope Brainiac Team. I’ll be the librarian to his super-intelligence.

Do I get an additional one or do I need to trade my webs in?

Hint: It’s mostly the old guys, who you don’t want to see nekkid, who are nekkid in the locker room. :eek: