Your Super Power

I don’t know how many of you have watched Space Ghost Coast to Coast but in it he often asks his guests what their super powers are. Well, since I doubt many of you have super powers I was wondering what you would choose if you were able (either a single power or group of powers) and why. I think I would choose either the ability to make plants grow to any size I choose or teleportation. I would like the plant growth power because it would be ecologically sound in addition to creating useful substance into the universe. I don’t know if I could fight crimes with plant growth, that remains to be seen. I would choose teleportation so I could get an extra hour and a half of sleep every morning before I go to work assuming I would work after I could teleport. :wink: I could see myself fighting/commiting crimes as a teleporting individual. Why the benefits of teleportation go on and on.


Teleportation would be a biggie with me. No more sitting next to born again’s trying to convert me on a flight.

I’ve always wanted the ability to use the Force. Being 5’3 this would come in handy for the stuff on the top shelf.

Also reading minds would be cool, until you realize that most men are thinking about “sex, sports, Nice Rack on that girl, getting laid and is there any beer left” and women are thinking, " Am I fat, oohh a shoe sale! What is wrong with me and Oh god, I AM turning into my mother." I wouldn’t abuse this super power, I swear, I would use it in Vegas…and donate 1% of my winnings to…um…charity, yeah.

Nightcrawler was a teleporting crime fighter. So if you need some pointers, get some old x-men comics. I would be more like the Silver Surfer…Intergalactic travel intrigues me. Plus he has a REALLY cool surf board.
–Don Juan

I’d like to have the powers of the Composite Superman.

1960s comics nerds like me will recognize this guy as the one who looked like Superman on the right half of his body, and Batman on the left. He had all the powers of all the members of the Legion of Super Heroes.

Meaning he was a fine example of Wretched Excess, 1960s comicbook-style. But as long as we’re asking for super powers, why not go for the gusto?

(If I’m asking too much, I’d like the power to instantaneously transform simple white cheeses into Roquefort.)



If you could teleport, why would you be on a flight anyway??? :wink:

Oooohhh, mind control. The imagination reels…

Oh MAN. I was gonna start a thread like this! lol

My power would be super speed, like the Flash. The power to go anywhere in the world in about 2 hours or less, plus being able to create sonic booms at will, just sounds like too much fun.

Baring that, I’d love to have Green Lantern’s power ring.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.


Oh, the havoc I could wreak!

If you’re an optimist, you haven’t been paying attention.

Oh, I have at least one superpower – the power to make dogs misbehave!

I haven’t completely figured out how to put this to crime-fighting use, although I think it will be effective in battling supervillains who employ dogs in their evil schemes for world conquest.

I’d like the power to cook like the great chefs of the world, then have everything clean itself up when it’s done. Boring, sure. But what working parent wouldn’t just loooooooove to be able to do something like that? :wink:

Oh yeah…Space Ghost is great. Brak is my personal fave, though.

Well, If I had my pick it would totally be mind control but, also the power to pick and choose when to use it…Sorta like a jedi mind trick.

‘No honey, you feel like doing the dishes.’
‘I feel like doing the dishes’
‘Oh ok. If you insist!’

But my true super power is the ability to talk to spiders. They don’t talk back and they sure don’t listen usually but, I can talk to them. (Ahh lazy college days! How i miss you!)

Who says I don’t (sorta) have superpowers?

My family has a touch of the Second Sight.

No, I’m not joking.

If you want excess, Ukelele, you should try the power of Duplicate Lad. He could duplicate (duh!) any other superpower in the universe, making him the most potentially the most potent superhero ever. If only he hadn’t been such a drip.

As for my superpower, well, I can’t get into that without giving away my secret. Gotta run now. I’m on deadline and Perry White is hollering.

Up, up and away!

So many to choose from…

Shape changing
Telekenesis (sp?)
and of course, it would be awfully hard to pass up Super Strength.

Can I have them all? Please? (Super Begging)

BigIron…you ever hear of a team called the Mystery Men? You sound like a Prime Candidate!

If I had a super power, I think it would be extremely resilent to anything AKA bulletproof, knifeproof, bombproof, etc. I think having one up on the evil guy but still being human in strength makes it cool. Plus I would love to have some jerk empty a gun at me and I just stand there…the look alone at me would be priceless.

Umm … obviously my super power is not copy editing. That should have read: “making him potentially the most potent superhero ever.”

Must have been the red kryptonite.

Up, up and away!

I’ve got to go with Telekenesis.

Depending on the amount of control you have over it - and how much would be concious and reflexive - not only would you be able to move things from across the room, but you’d also be able to fly, and do a pretty damn good impression of invulnerability and super strength.

‘They couldn’t hit an Elephant from this dist…!’

Last words of General John Sedgwick

I saw a goofy movie in the '80s where a dude finds a watch that will stop time dead in its tracks.

That would be cool. I could stop time and do what I wanted. In the movie, he undid a bikini string on a volleyball player and when time started, it fell off.

I would use it better than that, though. Like I’d start it right before I had to get some sleep so I would be able to get more work and liesure done.

Yer pal,

I’ve always wondered what fear would feel like.