WHAT would be the world's worst super power? (As in super heroes)

I guess I’m the only one who misread similar thread title “Who would be the world’s worst superpower?” and thought the answer “Saudi Arabia” was awfully surreal. :confused:

Ahh… WHO would be the worst superpower. Not WHAT. :smack:

There was just a thread about what would be the best super-human power to have. What’s the worst super-human power you can think of? Let “worst” mean whatever you want it to. Most useless. Most embarassing. Most inconvenient. Most disgusting.

X-ray vision/seeing through clothes comes up a lot. What if you could only see through the clothes of people over the age of eighty?

What if you had the ability to hear everything negative that is said/thought about you?

What kind of hero would you be with the power of massive bodily odor?

How impressed would the Justice League be if you had the ability to spontaneously create those little plastic thingies on the end of shoelaces? (someone will surely correct my ignorance on what those are called)

Hopefully I don’t have the power to effortlessly create boring threads. :wink:

Infinite Knowledge (I mean, what good would it do you. Really)
Super-strong finger nails (and toenails)
Hi, Opal


Super growing fingernails would definitely rank… well, not exactly up there.

I nominate the power to get annoying songs stuck in your head:

"Stop right there Villain-man!

Tiptoe through the Tulips
Through the garden,
By the willow tree"

“Nice try Annoying Song Guy, but I’ve been listening to Old Man River in anticipation of your arrival.”

A related question would be how would you describe the Super Power (as in superheroes) Saudi Arabia?

Every time you masturbate, Og kills a kitten. For real.

X-ray vision, but it gives anyone you look at cancer, and bombards everybody nearby with radiation.

Anti-Batman: Not very good at anything, no money, and never ever prepared for anything, ever. But your parents are still alive. And you’ve got the cool car.

The ability to explode with a force equivalent to 100 Hiroshima bombs. Once.

Toilet-lid Telekinesis. But only to the up position.

The ability to find other people’s lost pens.

The ability to summon a horde of freshly-bathed, tuxedo-clad undead minions.

Their real purpose is… sinister.

Super Sleep Power. Not the power to make others sleep. The ability to personally go to sleep anytime, anywhere, for as long as you lke, and wake up feeling refreshed and alert, without revealing to others that you are, in fact, asleep.

Ability to accurately translate the menu listings at any foreign restaurant.

Super spitting. It’s a regular loogy, but you have the ability to control distance and direction.

The power to calculate pi to infinity.

Being incredibly attractive to everyone. All the time. 24/7.

Yeah, at first it might be fun, but when the Queen of England or your relatives start hitting on you and trying to seduce you…wow, I just threw up on my mouth. :frowning:


Being able to breathe in something totally useless, like chocolate pudding.

Well, I’ve thought of a spectacularly-useless one:
The power to change the colour of feces… yours or anyone else’s.

It’d be even more useless if the power was limited to distances of, say, 10 cm.

As a college student, I would just like to say that power would be amazing to have right now.

I work in a hospital and see a LOT of naked octogenarians. Really, it’s not as bad as everyone jokes about. As they’re pretty sexually unappealing it’s about the same as seeing a dog or cat anus: it doesn’t register as gross, it’s just something that’s there, like a chair or a leaf.

So I’d still go for the x-ray vision ;).

Really good X-ray vision. You can see through the clothes of the attractive guy next to you on the train. And his skin. And muscles and bones. And the people behind him. And the walls of the train. And the walls of the tunnel. And the crust of the Earth. If you look down you see through the core of the planet and out on the other side. Through every planet and star and spec of cosmic dust – until your gaze meet the unfathomable edge of infinite space.
And you can never turn it off.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s what every blind person on the planet has?

[bad dream I had once.]

The media knows you are a superhero. Your friends know you are a superhero. But for the life of you, the only superpower you can think of is threading a needle underwater.

[/bad dream I had once.]

This post is almost as intriguing as it is depressing. Nicely done. :frowning:


Credit to MST3k, i always thought Crow’s idea of “Man-Man!” was amusing, he as all the power of a man, but…he’s a…man…

The incredible power of Absorbine Senior!

or, inspired by Family Guy, the ability to grow your fingernails really long

a couple of "Defect Mutations i invented from my old “Gamma World” RPG days

Useless Lycantropy (Were-rabbit, Were-Mouse, Were-Sloth, Were-Lemur, Were-Snail, etc…)

for humanoid animals (like Tigeroids)… Fear of Fur

You could win a lot of bar bets with that power.

Some of those could be useful if you wanted to ruin the neighbors garden…or sniff out cheese.

I wouldn’t mind that. Just get everyone you hate into one room and turn it on.

[Terrence and Phillip]

Terrence: What are you doing, Scott?
Scott: I’m wishing Cancer upon you.
Phillip(Hides behind Terrence): Don’t give me cancer!

[/Terrence and Phillip]

Super-Flatulence Man was once an ordinary citizen until he accidently ate a can of radioactive baked beans. Now his uncontrollable flatulence is so potent that in it’s ordinary state it can dissolve or corrode nearly all materials, and if ignited produces near-nuclear heat sufficient to boil steel and rock. The ONLY means of controlling it is to keep a Teflon-coated butt plug securely fitted and endure the gas buildup for hours until it can be safely vented at a toxic-waste facility. Still worse, the lethality of his emissions makes him a prime target for kidnapping by those seeking weapons of mass destruction.