Most Violent Scene in a Movie

What is the most violent scene you have seen in a movie? By whatever your definition of violence may be… Gore, Trauma, etc. Or maybe even the scene that made you truly cringe.

Not including any junk like “Faces of Death”, just fictional hollywood type movies.

My vote:

In the movie The Krays there is a scene where the twins and their gang storm a pool hall. Now there isn’t anything spectaculary gory about this scene, except for the fact that one of the Twins throws a man onto a pool table and punches him in the testicles, over and over and over and over. The sheer brutality in that scene always struck me.

Which doesn’t even come close to the final scene in Bonnie and Clyde, the rape scene in Straw Dogs or the scene where Edward Norton demolishes Jared Leto’s face in Fight Club.

The killings in the cornfield at the end of Casino.

The rape scene in the movie Leaving Los Vegas was especially disturbing to me. Strangely, that scene was kind of boring in the book.

The murder of Officer Murphy at the beginning of RoboCop. I still won’t re-watch that movie because of that scene.

Most of these scenes I am not familiar with… But I would have to say the scene in Fight Club where Norton’s character brutally beat Angel Face is one of the more violent scenes in a film in my recent memory…

For me, without a doubt it’s the warehouse scene in Reservoir Dogs (QT’s worst movie, I think, and that’s saying a lot), where the guy’s ear is cut off and he’s about to be set on fire. I’m usually not squeamish about violence, but I think it’s because I had a friend in high school who was murdered in a somewhat similar fashion (ie, dismembered and torched).

Probably the infamous “curbing” in American History X.

There are others, but that’s probably the one that I reacted most suddenly to.

The hospital shoot-out at the end of John Woo’s Hard Boiled?

“The rape” in Death Wish, the Charles Bronson vehicle, was brutal. I saw it in the theatre when it first came out in '74. Didn’t have knowledge about it beforehand and the scene was very disturbing.

Another remarkably violent scene, which usually turns people off but I found brilliant, is the Patricia Arquette/James Gandolfino confrontation in True Romance.

And then there’s the one in Bound where the bad guys are pruning some poor smucks fingers into a toilet with a small pair of pruning snips. Made me squirm.

It was only a little thing, but Pvt. Joker blowing his brains out in Full metal Jacket.

The scene in Susperia when this woman’s chest is literally cut open and then a knife is stabbed into her beating heart, and when it is removed there is a small gust of blood from it. That probably takes the cake for me

The opening scene in Swordfish. Horrible, over-the-top (but not in any kind of campy or satirical way) and unnecessary. Just gruesome. I guess it was only fitting.

The torture scene in **Salo **. While its not a hollywood film, I think it’s the most violent movie I’ve seen.

The killing of Nick Stahl’s character in the movie BULLY is pretty graphic and disturbing (stabbing, bludgeoning, crabs, etc.).

All of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

The rape scene in The Accused.

Though not as disturbing as finding out that Death Wish marked Jeff Goldblum’s acting debut.

The first half hour of Saving Private Ryan. The most realistic, and violent, portrayal of a WW2 battle I have seen.

The rape (with a pallic shaped fake nose) scene in a Clockwork Orange was pretty bad.

I would agree with this one. I won’t see that film ever again because of that.

And while there are numerous scenes of graphic violence in “The Godfather” series, none of them bother me that much.

I would also say that much of “Training Day” left me uneasy.