Mothballs in the mailbox?

My dad went out to get the mail today and he found a few mothballs in the mailbox. He said he was sure they were mothballs, because he could smell them (as opposed to some organic type of bug coccoon).

Is there a reason they’d be in there? We’ve had problems with wasps in the box before, and thought maybe the mail carrier had put them in there as a precaution against the wasps or other bugs. If this is the case, surely we want to put them back in…

If anyone has any insight, i’d appreciate it.

Yep pests…

[quote[And… if you mail carrier isn’t very impressed with your roadside garden because it’s creating spiders, bugs and bees in and around your mailbox… Mom says put moth balls in the back of your mailbox! That’ll keep away the pests! (She actually got this one from her mail carrier!)[/quote]

I would think that in today’s environment, nobody should be putting a foreign substance in your mail box without informing you beforehand. Maybe it’s time to ask the mail carrier wassup.

Believe me, letter carriers do not go around putting mothballs in people’s mailboxes. If there’s a problem with your mailbox, making it difficult for your letter carrier to deliver your mail, like if it’s full of bugs, he doesn’t deal with the problem by putting a few mothballs in it–what happens is he simply stops delivering your mail. After a couple of weeks of “no mail”, you finally call the Post Office and ask them where your mail is, and they tell you, “Oh, your mailbox doesn’t comply with U.S. Postal Service mailbox requirements, being full of bugs, so as soon as you get the bugs out of it, your letter carrier will resume regular mail delivery.”

My guess as to where the mothballs came from would be “kids”.