Mother Angelica died Easter Sunday.

Her show still airs in reruns. I’d often stumble across it while channel surfing. I always ended up watching. Her wry humor and straight forward approach made her religious discussions very entertaining and informative. I’m not Catholic but I sure liked this lady’s show.

her old shows are on EWTN’s youtube channel. heres a Christmas show

She’s gone home.
She was fantastic and never preachy, while at the same time being faithful to the teachings of the Church.

Mother Angelica’s Wikipedia article. She led quite a life often marred by painful health problems. Even as a young adult she had problems with her knees and then later an accident injured her back and spine.

R.i.P., but I honestly thought she had passed away years ago.

Remember her from Capt Janks and the Howard Stern Show…

Wow, I had no idea she had until now still been alive. When my grandmother was too sick from chemo to go to church she watched her. And Grammy died in 1984.

I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist, plus I’m a practicing Catholic; however when I heard she died on Easter Sunday I raised an eyebrow. :dubious:

I have to admit the thought crossed my mind if it were possible she was about die, and it was somehow manipulated to occur on Easter Sunday.

Wouldn’t she have aimed for Good Friday?