Mother drives daughter to fight

Must be my day for stupid people pitting.


I can hear the conversation now.

Sad that this happens. Sadder that this isn’t the first, or even third time I’ve seen these stories this year.

Yep, the mom’s a stone-cold idiot, and deserves jail for jumping into a fight with a CHILD much less driving her daughter to this fight.

AND she missed a prime teaching moment – when she saw her precious was getting her little ass kicked she could easily have transitioned that into conversations about Why Fighting is Wrong and Not Writing a Check With Your Mouth that Your Ass Can’t Cash.

Too bad this wasn’t a really brutal pituitary freak 12 year old that could have knocked Mom down for the count. That would have been perfect.

I’m not overly shocked that this happened in Victorville.


Holy Crap…that’s a mile from my office where I’m posting right now!


Well, maybe not THAT shocked.

I see this kind of crap ALL THE TIME.

The mom’s assault on her daughter’s opponent was despicable, and even if she had stayed on the sidelines I wouldn’t think much of her judgement in enabling this fray.

But I kind of have to wonder…if two twelve-year-old boys had agreed on a meeting to settle their differences via fistfight, and if one of them had asked his father for a ride to the scene of the battle, would everyone still be so indignant about the parent’s permitting the fight? Or would there be some underlying feeling that his son was learning a useful lesson about how to stand up for himself and fight his own battles, and that the father maybe shouldn’t interfere with that?

(Naturally, I don’t for a minute believe that anyone would think it okay for the father, in that hypothetical situation, to get into the fistfight himself. I just wonder whether the very notion of an individual-challenge fistfight between preteens would seem more acceptable if the children involved were male.)

Wouldn’t matter to me. Agreeing to take your child someplace so they can have a fistfight is stupid and pathetic regardless of the genders involved. Actually, I think it’s rather pathetic for the kids to be meeting somewhere to fight even taking the parent driving them there bit out of the equation.

I’m pretty sure we would have wound up here in the pit for any instance of a parent delivering a child to a fight. Two kids meeting up behind the school to settle something is not particularly news. The parent thing is way over the top though.

Kids can’t just fight in the heat of the moment? They have to arrange fight dates? And get driven there?

I’m so out of touch with child-rearing.

This was my reaction. She couldn’t walk to the fight? She had to be driven?
Not enough adrenaline to walk to a fist fight? No wonder she got her ass handed to her.

I feel that. I’m working nights and sleeping days lately, and I can’t drive Michaela to the fight dates she sets up.

It’s playing hell with her social life.

Here’s a video of the fight and the mom dragging the the girl by the hair:


Those crazy Calis and their cheap entertainment! What will they think of next?

Damn girls fight nasty. Not ineffective, just unsportsmanlike.

No comment on the being driven there part, but when I was in high school, we’d get in a LOT more trouble if we fought on campus. If we fought off campus, it was likely we’d get in no trouble at all. If a fight was called out, the whole school would know about it and drive to the nearest park after school. Rarely, if ever, did the one called out not show up.

Exactly. You want to talk about a teaching moment, what you’re supposed to do is take your child to a nearby hilltop so the opponent can be eliminated at long range with a sniper rifle.

Helicopter Parenting – it’s the wave of the future. :smack:

Note to all parents: Your children DON’T NEED YOU as a friend. They need you as a PARENT. They can find their own friends just fine on their own. And if you are indeed their only friend, that’s because YOU FUCKED UP your job as a parent!!

If this describes you, do the world a favor and drop them off at an Omaha hospital before you do any further damage.

It was actually the premise of a fairly early (year 3 or so) episode of Law & Order. In that case it was a mother driving sons, FWIW. The officers shared our outrage.

At least she didn’t make her walk. She would have been all tired out.

I thought this was a much more recent episode (this one from Jan 2008 - the mother drove her boys to a fight, and made sure they brought their baseball bats (if memory serves, it was her idea to have the fight, too - someone had swiped their basketball, and the mother didn’t want the boys to let that situation stand).