Mother Goose had a heart attack

The owner of the goose I’ve been leaving presents for had a heart attack. I know this because she attached a around the gooose’s neck an envelope filled with goose photos of presents I’ve left and explainations of some of the stranger outfits. (Pittsburg Steelers Uniform) She wrote me a short note letting me know what happened and that she is alright now. She also told me my little surprizes made her very happy.

I’m still sneaking off in the dark of night and leaving presents. I have a statue of a Leprechaun just waiting for a really dark night.

Queen of Maroons

I always liked the updates on what you were leavin’ for that goose!

From an actual catalog" “Disco balls create an enchanting, dazzling effect of light shafts, adding movement and glamour to any occasion”
the Abrams’ bris was certainly memorable
O p a l C a t

Well, keep the note for the next time the cops discover you in your nocturnal errands.