IwasLost But Now I'm Found!

Great Googly Moogly! You guys are hard tofind whenever I wander away for a minute or two.

Next time shall we leave bread crumbs, or would prefer a ball of string? :slight_smile:

Darwin-self or Darwin’s elf?

The world wonders.

Chocolate coated Denis Leary…no…make that Drew Carrey. More chocolate.

No. No. No. We put out a goose figurine in the front yard–particularly if it looks like it needs some extra decorative touches.

Ah!!! chocolate covered goose!!! Yum
Darwin’s elf

out to changethe little things one ouzo at time…or isthat ouzie

Darwin seems to be acquiring a collection…

No!No!No I am increasing the ladies yard decorations!
Every morning as she steps out to have a cuppa and enjoy the view…Viola…(violin?) there’s a new treat. I left a baby goose and now thanks to her impressive sewing skills, baby goose has a dress that matches mama’ s each season I was only caught by the police once and they where very nice.

Darwin’s elf says they can stay

No, it’s “Uzi”!
::Loads Uzi, points it at Smurf Village::

Tars Tarkas: Now who has the Magic Flute??? Die you blue bastards!!!

::Gunfire erupts::