Mother of All General Questions

Useta be the general state of affairs was, when people wanted to refer to the whole nine yards, they generally used the word ‘general’. (I think there were then “generic names” of drugs, and maybe a few other sorta generic things, but the term ‘generic’ wasn’t generally used too much, generically speaking.)

But now, everyone, from privates to generals, generically speaks of generally everything as specifically “generic”, according to my general recollection.

Is this state of affairs a general improvement. . .or just a generic shift in the use of suffixes?

I want a speciferal answer.

Ray (needs special treatment)

I shall answer the gauntlet’s call…

Generations of generals have generally relied upon “general” to refer to everything in a catagory or class. Granted, that’s a generalization.
The genesis of “generic” is descriptive of an entire clas or group.
Genetically they’re genitive of genus.

Genially your.

(And I refrained from using genitalia.)

Hmmm, typed that with your fingers, then, Chief?

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I, of course, meant “class” and “yours”. Geeeez!

If Nano is gonna post stuff like this, we’re all gonna need Generic Troll Repellent!

Well, I’m no genus, so you’ll have to explain to me whether trolls are a generic nuisance or they just generate problems once in a while. (I think it’s only a problem when they get too big for their bridges.)

Ray (probably a congenital problem)

Good Grief!

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Chief Scott, you should be awarded a generalcy for your generative genius.

Gee whiz…

I guess the “Mother” referred to in this post was a compound word missing the second part eh Nano?

In general, could you be more specific next time. :wink:

I am the very model of a modern Major-General…

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Well, anyhow, I don’t think ‘generic’ should generally substitute for ‘general’, and those who use it that way are inhuman and generically sui generis.