Mother Road Route 66

Can someone tell me if all of Route 66 can be traveled safely by auto? Are there good motel accomodations along the route? Thanks. Hisson0712

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While we have only driven the California to Texas portion, I did see the usual chains ( Holiday Inn, Best Western, etc. ) well represented and they are usually good enough for an overnight stay. Since I am given to moments of whimsy when on a road trip, I usually look for something a little different. A notable place was the Wigwam motel in San Bernardino ( there is also another Wigwam hotel in Arizona. ) Another personal favorite was the Big Texan hotel which has a restaurant that will serve you a 2kg steak and should you finish it, the meal is free. :eek:

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Another current thread (in this very forum) on the topic:

Large portions of Route 66 have ceased to exist, or been included in successor highways (and are unrecognizable as part of the Mother Road.) On some portions, there are still segments of the road used for local traffic, but bridges over the local creeks and rivers have been closed.

However, any reasonably up to date guide book will tell you exactly how to detour around those spots and make a reasonably faithful Chicago-Los Angeles trip.

And, unlike the Interstates, Route 66 was laid out intentionally to go through cities, rather than bypass them, so there are plenty of accomodations along the way.

I wrote a Staff Report - holy crap! - 5 years ago about Route 66. Check it out - I think some of the links are still active.