Mother Teresa's collected letters ...

The news reports seem to be uniform in saying that because of her doubts (about God, her sometimes giving up on prayer, and doubting of Christ) she is more saintly than ever. Does that make sense? Or is it just everyone quoting the book’s editor/compiler’s rationalizing (he’s a priest) ?

Yeah, it’s not inconsistent that with deep piety can come with great doubt. Let’s take this out of the realm of religion & make an analogy to secular pursuits- people who seek to make great achievements also submit themselves to great struggles. In Catholic circles, there was the self-induced practice of bodily mortification (which I kinda understand but do not endorse) and the internal struggle called “the Dark Night of the Soul” (a phrase coined I believe by Juan de la Cruz/John of the Cross- and which I have also had glimpses of)- the struggles to maintain trust in a Deity Who can seem absent or even malicious.

I’d be a bit surprised that every news agency was uniformly reporting her sanctity, however, to the extent that anyone is claiming the letters are evidence for sanctity, they are probably talking about the concept of the Dark Night of the Soul that ibeing discussed in MPSIMS in Regarding Mother Teresa’s letters.

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