Motivation and Corporate America (Or what ever country you are in.)

Hey all.

My wife just got a new Job.
<insert fan fair>

She is working as an operator to assist with the deaf.(Or Hearing Impaired for you PC types.)
<insert appreciative round of applause>

When she came home from we first day at work, she told be how here day went.

It was then that I noticed that she had a pin on the right side of her sweater that read ‘Attitude’. I asked her what it was for.

She said he whole team got them, and that they had to wear it on the right side of their shirts because they have to have the “<i>right</i> attitude”.
<Insert picture of vast corn field>

This is almost as bad as those ‘motivation’ posters seen in offices.

Is there a name for this type of corporate ‘motivation’? (Something other than ‘corny’?) Do upper management not see just how stupid these things sound???