Motorcycle driver: they are called BUS LANES for a reason!

Motorcycle and three buses crash in Lincoln Tunnel during morning rush hour. Motorcyclist critically injured.

Riding your motorcycle in the bus lane of a tunnel is a very bad idea. I want the 1 1/2 hours I spent on a bus in the tube back.

Motorcyclists think that the rules don’t apply to them, generally. They’re smaller and lighter, which makes them more maneuverable. Apparently, this gives you license to weave in and out of traffic, travel in blind spots, and in this case, drive in the bus lane.

Yes, but I did not need first hand knowledge of the outcome of a crash between a motorcycle and a bus or the domino effect it causes.

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When you’re done with that extra-wide paintbrush, can I borrow it?

He said “generally”. Unwad your panties and read again, ass wipe.

I thought motorcycles were allowed in most HOV lanes (of which a Bus lane is a specific subset)?

so what’s the fuckin issue if that’s the case?


Yes, I see the word ‘generally.’ I still think it’s overly broad. Some bikers may behave like that, but certainly not enough to make a statement like that.

Reminds me of an accident from a couple of years ago. Doctor on a motorcycle decided she could cut through through the construction cones and use the unoccupied lane. She ended up getting her bike stuck in wet concrete, went over the handlebars and ultimately needed reconstructive surgery to put her face back together.

she got the professional courtesy discount at least, right?

Reading the description of the accident doesn’t sound like it was the motorcyclists fault - in fact it’s an accident that could have happened in any lane.

Here we go again.

What’s being discussed is an XBL, a lane that’s exclusive to buses weekday mornings from 6:15 until 10. There had been plans for a mixed HOV/Bus lane a couple of years ago but I don’t know what, if anything, came about from them.

oh i figured that those bus lanes in the tunnel were closer to HOV types instead of dedicated busways. guess not!

Reminds me of an SNL skit a few years ago. A Weekend Update anchor, I think it was Norm MacDonald, unleashed a completely libelous diatribe against Micheal Jackson, outright calling him a pedophile.

When he was done, the co-anchor asked Norm if he had forgotten anything. After a perfectly timed pause, Norm said: Allegedly.

Yeah, one word can make all the difference.


Except allegedly was saying that he hasn’t been proven guilty. Basically a big sarcastic “just kidding”.

Generally means ‘as a rule’, ‘usually’, ‘commonly’ etc What Travis said about motorcyclists is not true…as a rule. Unless Travis has some facts to back up his statement, he’s just being an ass.

Your post is generally retarded. Generally.

Yep that’s why I ride a motorcycle and all cagers hate motorcyclists and want to hit us and think we are all hells angels.

Generally, get stuffed of course we weave in and out of traffic etc it is one of the upsides to riding a bike.

Congratulations, you’re a Darwin Award waiting to happen.

Here in South Korea, both buses and taxis have a nifty sign for the passengers exiting the vehicle to be aware of motorcycles and scooters illegally (and stupidly) passing between the vehicle and the curb. Back in 2005, in Bucheon, I opened the taxi door to exit (there were just a few inches between the taxi and the curb, too) and one of those moron scooter drivers drove into the door. Luckily for him, he’d slowed down enough that he didn’t too a whole lot of damage. I left as he and the taxi driver started fighting over it. Don’t worry, I paid the taxi driver before I opened the door. But, then, motorcycle and scooter drivers here love to drive on crowded sidewalks, too. :rolleyes:

Yeeaaaahhhh, except this lane wasn’t supposed to have motorcycles in it at all.

Your typical commuter motorcycle in NYC, as experienced by me, on my daily commute from Queens through Westchester, which covers a huge effing chunk of the City, splits lanes. The dotted one. Now, this is typically when traffic is slowed slightly, from the normal average of 70+ MPH to, say, 40 MPH. But sometimes it’s just because they feel like doing a hundred in traffic. This is not infrequent, and it’s not the same people doing it all the time. (In fact, it rarely is for more than a month. I have made my own conclusions as to why.)

There are many responsible cyclists. There are also many irresponsible cyclists. This guy was one of them, as far as I can tell. Stay the hell out the bus lane. The bus driver may not see you. Hell, he rarely sees me and I’m in a rollin cage.