Motorcycle Idiots

Ah, Spring. Warmer weather, more daylight. Many things to appreciate. However, other things come with warmer weather that aren’t so pleasant. Flies and motorcycles come to mind.

My wife and I were trying to go to sleep Sunday night. It was midnight. Work beckoned the next morning. But apparently not for the inconsiderate idiot who insisted on repeatedly riding his very noisy motorcycle in the area. I’m sure he wanted to burn off some steam after calculating quantum physics equations all evening, but his quest to “taste the freedom of the open road” was disturbing dozens of people. For them and myself, I would like to issue a hearty “Fuck you” to the “rebel” who just had to show us just one more time that day that he is a baddass and we are not.

Here’s a thought. Why not be considerate to your neighbors when they are tryng to sleep? Remmeber, if we are tired, we won’t be as productive at work. And if the tax revenue goes down, food stamp revenues will fall and your children won’t be able to eat.

I love motorcycles, but I must say, this is a pet peeve of mine. Some asshole in my neighborhood runs up and down our street (50 mph, no less) revving his crappy little import engine and popping wheelies or whatever. I think he WANTS me to throw a log in the road in front of him. Fucker.


Italjet, perhaps? And does this mean you don’t mind the noise of a crappy big domestic as much? Do tell!

“But I’ll always regret that Rwandan thing.” --Bill Clinton

What is it with you motorcycle enthusiasts and your American vs Japanese/Italian rivalry?

Get over it. It’s a personal preference and neither choice reflects on your worth as a person. It’s is so tedious.

Actually, the point I was making is what the hell difference does it make where the noise comes from? Ford Pickup, Harley, ill-tempered livestock, Yamaha, Stihl chainsaw, shreiky Man-bitch, radio controlled aircraft, Hondas, poopy-diaper kids, electric guitars, Kawasakis, poorly played drum sets, Jeeps with no mufflers* all break the silence of late nights and early mornings. Why does it only seem to motivate people to bitch excessivly when it has two wheels?

Hey, Homebrew! I’ve recently perfected my homemade Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Ummmm, Tasty!

*all examples of the horrible sounds of the Casa de Gatopescado!

Tio Gatopescado,
Please tell us about the shreiky Man-bitch. Pretty Please.

Perhaps you only notice those complaints because they strike so close to home, just as I only notice crying kids when they are mine. If you check the Pit history from the past week you’ll find two (IIRC) threads about people playing loud music lin the wee morning hours.

Well, this term was origanilly used to describe the “Oxy-Clean” spokesman and his annoying, bombastic salespitch, but I suppose I could be guilty of some of his histronics now and then when the wife and me get to arguing outside. Usually over fence. She want to make the place look like the maximum security prison, and I don’t. Especially since I have to do all the work, and pay for all the material.

Actually, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. This could be an entire Pit thread on its own. :rolleyes:

sidenote: now that SDMB has gone to subscriptions, it will be harder for the wife to stalk me here and use stupid shit that I post (99% of the time as a joke) against me in arguments 2 years from now. HeeHaw! :smiley:

Mmmmmm. If you make a beer close to Sierra Nevada I take my hat off to you, sir.

Well, he ought to just complain about the noise. I mean, if he complained about a fat bitch riding her loud motorcycle and keeping him awake, well, people would be all over him like white on rice. My motorcycle has a muffler and he has lumped me in with…whatever.

The secret is in dry-hopping during secondary fermentation…and making lots of NOISE LATE AT NIGHT WITH YOUR MOTORCYCLE!!!


Just remember folks: The louder the bike - the smaller the penis.

Lemme see if I got this right: The secret to good ale is making lots of noise while dry humping your motorcycle?

All that gets you is warm Cream Stout, and I don’t go that way! :smiley:

I once cut all the parking meter heads off down town with my Stihl Carburendum Saw[sup]TM[/sup].

None of the neighbours complained, but there was this annoying voiced guy in a hat, sitting on the porch.

I just couldn’t understand him.

You’re assuming he knows where they are.

There’s a piss-ant little teenager on my block with one of those scooters souped up so it sounds like the world’s largest mosquito—something from a 1950s horror film. You can hear it five blocks away. Every time he approaches, I recall the Dorothy Parker poem,

“If I had a shiny gun,
I could have a world of fun
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folks who give me pains.”

one piece of piano wire. . .this high.

What we have here is “failure to communicate”.
Thanks for the setup to quote one of my all-time favorite movies

Some “kids” moved into the neighborhood last srping and, on the first really nice weekend day last year, started this crap on (what I call) dirt bikes. I couldn’t tell how old they were so they may have been licensed to drive but I could tell the bikes weren’t street legal. One call to the county cops and I never heard them again.