Motorized raft-like craft used by rowing crew coach

I was watching some rowing crews on the river and they were being followed by tiny motorized rafts or raft-like watercraft being operated by the coaches.

This was the first time I had seen a watercraft like that. It was quite small. I would guess that putting three people on it would get crowded, if you could even fit them comfortably around the single seat/control station.

The seat was like an upright chair. It wasn’t a bench or a lowered seat, and there seemed to be a full control pillar/lectern-type console in front of it.

What is that thing called?

Do you mean something like this?

Fancy. They just use a tin car topper boat and a bullhorn here. Or ride a bike on the path beside the river.

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That look right!

They’re called coaching launches. Usually made to be as wakeless as possible.

Cool. Thanks!