Identify this boat

Sorry no picture. Saw it on the highway. It looked like a 2 seat flat pontoon boat with a monster outboard motor on the back. It had a foil like structure over the seats that could be for stability. It looked fast and unstable. The motor may have just looked big because there was nothing in front of it but seats and air. At first I thought it was for towing skiers because the pontoon(?) hull extended beyond the back of the motor but there was so little of the boat it appeared to be needed length.

Was it some type of airboat?

No, it had a regular propeller outboard boat motor. It looked really huge but that may be because of the small boat. The pontoons looked flat and were raised up in the front line an airboat. Imagine something like this except the cockpit is replaced by 2 seats under the spoiler.

How about a flats boat?

I clicked on a link about two guys crossing the Atlantic in a small powerboat and it occurred to me it might be your boat. The video in the link has different versions.

The video is the closest I’ve seen but this was smaller with no bridge to it. It was an engine with 2 seats in front of it and what looked like 2 hollow plastic floats that were flat on top and curved up at the nose. There was a structure that went over the top of the seats but I’m not sure I’d call it wide enough for shade. there may have been a hull to funnel water in the center but I couldn’t see it on the trailer.

Something like this?

More like thisbut smaller. The pontoons were plastic or fiberglass, there was a large motor directly behind the seats which were close together. It might even have been a single seat but it looked big enough for 2.

Roughly a sleeker version of thiswith a big ass motor and a roll cage/light bridge over the seats. I would say the motor was in the 40 to 100 hp range. Again, it could have looked big compared to the boat but it wasn’t a small 15 hp motor.