Mini speedboat - Widow(er)maker?

I think it looks like a lotta fun, but my friend at work (a jet skier) thinks they’re deathtraps. She says they’ll flip over and kill you (me). She sees some guys at in the delta racing around in them. Maybe she criticizes that which scares her? A lot of people do. Or maybe they’re faster than her jet ski. Or, maybe they are dangerous.
That’s why I’m asking here. Seeking enlightenment.
Has any experienced boater out there ever driven one of these cuties?
No, I’m not going to buy it. One passenger, looks to me.

Corvette, pistol, motorcycle, no more dangerous… just keep it in the tested envelop and have a ball… Seen similar, not much to do except run up and down the lake and maybe pull tubes and boards, too small for water skis and where you gonna put your date?

Get a small sail boat, an inflatable mattress and a wine cooler and picnic basket, you’ll have lots more fun … :wink:

I said I wasn’t going to buy it. But it does look like maybe two could share that seat, ala motorcycle.
Anyway, by “dangerous”, I meant more like Pontiac Fiero or saturday night special or possibly Harley at ant real speed. :wink:
I’ve got a inflatable kayak. Does that count?
My actual question was more about relative danger, as compared to other powered watercraft.
Nobody’s ever driven one? I know there aren’t that many around. Part of the charm for me.
mangeorge (actually wants it)

It looks like it is bouyant, but scary. This is in contrast to something I saw when I was (maybe) 8 years old on Lake Wawasee. Something went screeeeeaming across the lake; it was a guy in swim trunks and a huge feathered headdress (like a movie Indian chief) aboard a thing that looked like a surfboard with a yowling outboard motor on the back. My mom did not believe me, and maybe you don’t, either.

Years later, I saw an ad for an outboard motor. One of their engineers claimed their motor could plane a kitchen table. There was a picture of him doing just that. I wondered if they tested on Lake Wawasee. :eek:

AskNott’s story reminds me of something I saw at Lake Havisu a couple weeks ago.

I met some family there and I was a bit early so I headed down to the beach. I ended up in a cove with a lot of waverunners and jetskis. One guy on a waverunner was haulin’ ass. He was really moving.

When he pulled up to shore I noticed that he had an outboard motor mounted on the back of his waverunner. Yes, a boat motor, just like the one in the linked photo, on the back of his waverunner. I did not get to see what kind of prop he had on the thing and I didn’t ask. Wish I would have because I am really curious about it.

About the mini speed boat I’d guess that it is not as dangerous as it looks. It appears that it probably has a really low center of gravity with a driver on board. At the same time, I don’t know if I’d want to take it out, especially on choppy water.


Well, I wish somebody would just buy the dang thing.

When I was in Southeast Asia (Philippines?) I occasionally saw what looked like a long skinny canoe with a four cylinder motor mounted up on a rack and with a long shaft coming out the back and into the water. They hauled ass. Now that looked scary.