Mountain Bikes - I have to choose between three bikes

I killed my last bike a couple of weeks ago. The frame broke. I wish I could tell some gnarly story, but the bike was 15 years old and the frame busted while I was riding uphill.

I now am choosing between three bikes. These are the ONLY three bikes I’m choosing between (insert long story), so there is no need to say, “Why not try the . . . (bike).”

It’s three and only three choices. They are:

Specialized 04 FSR XC

Haro Extreme X1

Giant Warp DS 2

I’d like to hear experiences with these particular bikes or with THESE brand names in comparable price ranges ($700-$800 dollars).


Whistlepig, who is 6 foot tall, weighs 185 pounds and will be doing mostly street or easy trail riding. No jumps, no tricky stuff.

Honestly, if they’re all comparably priced, just try them all out. At that price, I’m sure there won’t be a comparable difference in quality - just personal comfort. Everyone likes different suspension and stuff.

I plan to do that, but I’m curious to hear if someone bought one of the bikes and it sucked, or if someone says that the components on a particular brand suck or . . .

Gotcha. I wasn’t sure if they weren’t letting you try it out or something first…which would be pretty shady to me.

My riding partner has an older Full Sofa Recliner. He loves it.
Of course YMMV.

Have you checked the reviews on

I have a Giant Sedona, not as pricey, but perfect for me. 6’0 200lbs.

I’d recommend Specialized just because I’ve had good luck with them. I cracked a frame on my first one, and Specialized replaced the frame at no cost( I had to pay for the labor to transfer the components over).

I’ve been riding a Rockhopper A1 Comp for the last 8 years, thru all kinds of conditions. I’ve replaced parts here and there, but the frame and major components are all still in good shape. But, really, it comes down to how any particular brand FEELS to you. There are small, and not-so-small differences between makes and models that have an impact on ride comfort, handling, etc.