Mourning Federico's--good little Mexican places in Tacoma?

There was, off of 19th and Mildred in Tacoma, WA, a great little spot called Federico’s–yummy, reasonably authentic, and not too expensive (plus they had horchata, which my husband loves). We were loyal customers and went there at least two or three times a month. I would usually get the carnitas or carne asada plate. Despite our best efforts, the place appears to have gone out of business. I am going through serious withdrawal, to the point where I feel tears welling up when we drive past.

Are there any other good Mexican places in Tacoma that we may have missed? Taco Del Mar is just not cutting it.

Helena ,

I live on South Hill in Puyallup and know exactly what you’re going through. There used to be a place here on the Hill called Rancho Ramona. They also shut down. I have yet to find a place that matches up.

However, there’s a place on 224th and Meridian out in Graham that is fairly good. In addition, El Charro and Los Panchos (both located in Sumner) are supposed to be pretty good.

Finally, if you find a place that’s good, post it here. I have been craving some good Mexican food.

I can’t say how authentic it is (I’m not exactly an expert), but I think highly of Tacos Guaymas on 38th and Pine. I should, in fairness, mention that the Ottlets disagreed.

Haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard that Josefina’s on 43rd and Pacific is pretty good.

I’ll second that. We don’t go to Moncezuma’s anymore, since we found Josefina’s.

(If you’re ever in the mood for Vietnamese instead, I’ll also recommend Vien Dong on Yakima & 38th.)

Thanks, we’ll check it out!

Vien Dong is great! We go there quite a lot.


All of you should bow down and kneel before the lost treasure that was;

De Alba’s Mexican Delicatessen

Bean tostadas 25¢

Shredded pork tacos 35¢

Eat for only a dollar or two and it was the finest Mexican food you could hope to taste. He returned to Mexico for a visit with his ailing mother and never came back. That was 1975 and I still grieve about it.

May my Mexican cooking taste like his someday.

[really big sigh]

For the past three years, Guaymas has been the only Mexican joint my wife and I could handle eating at. Very unpretentious and authentic, with non-lardy real black beans, watermelon juice, and sweetened rice drink. Just like southern Mexico and Guatemala. Cheap too.