Mouse button controls for Windows explorer windows?

Didn’t want to hijack the Best Firefox 2.0 Extensions thread. I’m a big fan of Mouse Gestures for Firefox. One feature I really like, is that I’m able to hold my right mouse button and click left to go back a page and vice versa. I use this feature so much with Firefox, that I catch myself trying to use the function in Windows Explorer (the file manager) all the time. Is there software available for Windows that allows this function in all of its explorer windows? I checked out Strokeit, but it doesn’t support this feature.

The “Explorer” mice from Microsoft (I forget the official names, but they’re the ones with the buttons on the sides) will do this.

Logitech’s MX series mice have a tilt wheel that can be tilted left or right. I use this for back/forward on my MX Revolution. Works great and better than mouse gestures. The tilt wheel is available on the MX1000, MX Revolution and VX Revolution. (The latter is a smaller notebook mouse).

If you do want mouse gestures on Windows though, there are a few options. The unfortunately-named StrokeIt, Brass and Sensiva that I know of.

If you’re using IE7, you can install IE7 Pro. To go back, you hold down your right mouse button and move the mouse to the left.