Mouse muscle memory

I’ve just realised that my hand knows precisely how much my thumb and fourth finger have to flex after I click the “File” menu to land on the option I most commonly use in InDesign (the 23rd item down on a menu of 26) without moving the heel of my hand.

It happens without any conscious input or visual feedback on my part, and yet it must indicate an accuracy of, what, half a millimetre of mouse position.

Mundane, pointless, Friday-afternoon thought that it is, I think it shows how neat the human body is. That is all.

What really sucks is when you, like me, have your proprioperception messed up, and everything is a bit off.

If I work a lot in AutoCAD, I do similar things. So much so that, if I’m in another program drawing lines, my hands will do the thing needed for AutoCAD automatically - then I realize “oops wrong program”. :smack: