Moustachioed Miscreants

Some months ago my 6 year old granddaughter saw me watching a Medical Detectives or some other reality program on murderers and she she made a profound statement to me.

Granddad, have you noticed that all murderers have moustaches. This was some months ago and since then I have been making a mental note and so far there has not been one who did not have a moustache at the time of his crime.

My late father always said to me “never trust a man with facial hair”.

Could there be any link between a man with facial hair and a propensity to commit a crime?

Ted Bundy?

There are female murderers too. So, I’m not too sure.

I believe there is some truth to this. The belying factor is the ability to mask or hide one’s insecurities. Does that mean all bearded or mustached men are hiding something? No. But they are trying to convey a sense of superiority or hide some kind of insecurity. Women don’t have that advantage. As a result the incident of women murderers or criminals is less than men. IMHO

Mustaches are a good indication that a man is a porn star. Criminal, not so much. You might find some correlation between contrast to social norms and criminal behavior, but then in times where facial hair on men was the norm, you’d expect the criminals to be clean shaven.

“Mustachioed Miscreants”

Band name!


Oh, absolutely. The cause of the low rate of murderesses is the lack of ability to grow facial hair. I am so with you on this.

The Trustworthiness of Beards comes to mind.

Where would you place Paul Krugman on that scale? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I wasn’t planning on going on a murderous rampage today but after checking out where I land on the scale…:eek:


some of us can’t grow facial hair, or at least not well, but desperately want to do untrustworthy things. I am forever doomed to being a nice guy, due to my lack of facial hair.

Lizzie Borden, in the only existing photo of her clean-shaven.

Either that, or we don’t want to waste ten minutes a day shaving.

Well, Stalin had a pretty good 'stach. Hitler’s was kinda wimpy, but characteristic.

Two counter-examples:

Lee Harvey Oswald

Jack Ruby

And Paul Bernardo. (wiki page for people not familiar with him.

FBI’s 10 Most Wanted:

At the moment, I count 2 with real mustaches, 2 with “needs to shave or grow it out”, and the rest are clean shaven.

Could this be another case of tv and movie producers creating their own “truth”?

I’ve noticed that in movies and tv shows, people can go anywhere they want to go in a building by crawling through the air conditioning vents. Makes me wonder what world movie producers live in.

No can do. As I mentioned, just my opinion and life experience. Very generalized statement, bit I feel there is some truth to it. Almost impossible to prove or provide statistics. Besides, if all criminals are bearded or moustached men then are all bearded or moustached men criminals? Not!