Move along citizens, nothing to see here

You had to look anyway, eh? Really, I’m just practicing!

This is blue
This isn’t
font font font FONT! font. I’m fond of fonts [ul]

What is this???


Sky Blue Squirrels eat crimson nuts on
orange-red sunny days in the Alps.

Some friendly advice: if you read a lot of threads, you’ll notice that very few people use colors, odd fonts, and the like. Effects like that tend to be hard to read. More important to understand, for your personal safety, is that a lot of posters regard excessive use of effects to be the sure sign of an attention whore, and they’ll give you all sorts of abuse! No harm in at least knowing how to do it, though. Play on!

Note the words “I’m just practicing”!

Yeah, but “just practicing” implies that you’re going to swing into action any time, now! Welcome to the SDMB, and have fun!

I’m only new to THIS message board - I’ve played this game for a few years now on others. This one has a few toys that some others don’t - just wanted to try them out in a place where it wouldn’t be obnoxious. I think that’s what ATMB is for?!?!!!

Yeah, I think you’ve got it. If you suddenly broke out into that in the middle of a thread in General Questions, it’d be obnoxious, but it looks like you understand that. Here, it’s OK.

And occasionally, there are legitimate uses for color, size, etc., so it’s good to know how to do them.