Move along. Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here.

Told ya.

You tease :smiley:


(that was a request)


Might be something to see and then again might not.



Lobsang, you know you can’t post that sort of link here!

You pervert! You had me there :smiley:

I actually waited for the browser to start responding again and make the link clickable, thinking the browser got hung for a bit :smiley:

That link ( ) doesn’t always work the first time it’s clicked.

Links with GFI calls buried inside them tend to have this problem.

But after a few tries I got it to decode as

So this thread is really posting a cartoon * on the recurring ATMB topic of *“Nothing to see here”

Just in case the link doesn’t work for anyone, I’ve put a copy here

not a link

I don’t know, I don’t want to take that “red pill”. Does this make me yellow?

The link always goes directly to the cartoon for me.
Anyone else have trouble seeing it?

Here’s another (Hope it works :confused:,+Adey

No, but it makes the walls taste like taffy.


another one