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Could you ever … - OP by blessedwolf - Moved to IMHO

Like Xanax - OP by Boiwunder - Moved to IMHO

Do drugs make you more religious? - OP by oldscratch - moved to IMHO

I’m about to be banned. - OP by ExTank - Moved to the BBQ Pit

Musical Nasalness (Nasality?) - OP by wrongz - Moved to Comments on Staff Reports and Mailbag Answers.

What Was The Deepest You Ever Been (Scuba) Diving? - OP by Wildest Bill - Moved to IMHO.

Would you work on a psychic hotline? - OP by fun2d8 - moved to IMHO

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Car Vent Controlls (sic) - OP by Joel - Moved to General Questions.

Um, UncleBeer? Don’t slap me or anything, but your link to the “Would you work on a psychic…” thread links back to this page.


You’re right, tiggeril. I’ll fix the link. Copy and Paste can be a difficult process, at times :smiley:

The thing was, I had to click on it three times before it registered. :o

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