Moved To The Outskirts of Town ...

Hey, I just moved to a fantabulous apartment midway between Palmer & Wasilla (in Alaska, for those who might not know). I am now officially “Finger Lake Trash” !!! :eek:

Any Dopers in the vicinity? I need to start makin’ new and additional friends. Yours truly is the blues junkie … what else do you need to know?

Where & when is the live music out and about here?

Thanks for any and all info.

Sorry, I don’t live in Alaska but welcome to your neighborhood

Alaska is such a beautiful place, maybe when you’re all settled you can snap some pics and show us around :slight_smile:

Take pictures, yes!

PLEASE go to the Alaska State Fair for me. Giant vegetables! Cows! Crafts, sewing and baking! Rides!

I just noticed now that Finger Lake has a section that looks like an old-style telephone handpiece.

Hope your move is smooth, good gal. Know that DN and I are always thinking the best for you up there in the coldy lands. World Boogie is coming!

Hey, congrats! I second the motion for pics of the new digs.

Thanks for the posts!

I have plenty of pix of Alaska … I have no idea how to put them up in MPSIMS …

I can’t make the AK State Fair this year because I have to go to Maine and the fair starts & ends before I get back.

Anybody got any good cures for jet lag???

Can you see Russia from your house?:wink: