How'd I Get HERE ?????

Damn Alaska. I was insane to move here. It snowed yesterday. Tomorrow is my 59th birthday. S**T.

Wow! I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, but I don’t know if I could live there. From what I’ve heard, the folks who do live there really love it, though How DID you get there?

Oh, and happy birthday!

ETA: You can curse in the BBQ Pit. In fact, it’s kind of fucking encouraged.

Good question. Maybe a wrong left turn at Albuquerque? What are we pitting here? Snowfall, aging - or fucked up choice of forum?

Maybe it’s a very oblique complaint about her new governor.

Happy Birthday anyway!

Lob a snowball at something irritating.

Happy Birthday!

I used to live in Achorage, and there are a few Dopers in Alaska as well.

Go down to Chilkoot Charlie’s for a drink or three tonight. Get started on your passport there.

Check into getting studded tires around Halloween (as I recall, snow on the ground on November 1st will still be there come April 1st).

Catch the solstice party on Flat Top. It is a great time as well.

After you have been around for a while, get over to Mr. WhiteKeys for the show. If you can, go with someone who has been around for awhile so that they can explain any of the in-jokes.

I am envious. If I would not have married a SoCal girl, I would still be living up there.

Stay where you are. I’m sendiing a contingent of flying monkeys after you, and they will remove you and your home to whatever location in the mainland you prefer. Just remember NOT to startle the monkeys, as that may cause them to forget their temporary interdiction on harming you and go into the default “murderous killing spree” mode. That means three things: no wearing perfume or any fragrance, and no sudden movements, and … um…

Well, damn. I forgot the third thing.

You may wish to stay at a neighbor’s for a while.

Must be easier to get a date, though…

Hell, you can curse outside the pit. But maybe she didn’t mean shit. Maybe she meant shot, or slit, or slot, or slut.

Quit your fuckin’ whining. Wait until February, THEN start bitching with the rest of us.

Algher: Whitekeys quit doing his show at least a year ago. He does a weekly bit on the Channel 2 News every week, but I never could stand the guy.

Mr. Skald, please see my bill dated 10-10-2008 for the replacement of a Dr. Pepper saturated keyboard. :smiley:

Shall I send the monkeys over to deliver the replacement? All you have to is avoid the three murder-spree-triggering acts.

Damn MPSIMS. I was insane to move this thread here. It was started today. Tomorrow it will still be here. S**T.


It’s already tomorrow in Alaska. Or maybe that’s Australia.

Want me to send some monkeys to move it back? It’s not like anything bad will happen.

In other news, has anybody heard from Atomic Mama? Not that I’m worried or anything.

Never mind

Other questions you might consider:

How do I work this?
Where is that large automobile?
What is that beautiful house?
Where does that highway go to?
Am I right? …am I wrong?
My god!..what have I done?

In Anchorage. Been watching the rain out the window. Thanks for the posts. I feel better; it’s just a number (59), so “they” tell me. I felt the same way about my 47th birthday, when I was living in that hellhole called Memphis.

I may move back to ChiTown next year … I have too many MAJOR decision to make at this point in my life! BitchMoanetc.

I love my friends up here, in Memphis, in Chicago. It’s just that damn snow, and I need new snow tires :frowning:

Enough already!:smack::smack:

Hey! I live in Memphis, and it is NOT a hellhole.

Except for all the parts i’ve ruined to amuse myself. And that’s just Whitehaven, Frayser, Raleigh, East Memphis, South Memphis, and Downtown.

The odds are good…but the goods are odd.

Well, Hi from another A state.

Looks like the forecast in Phoenix, AZ calls for highs in the 70s or 80s. No rain, no humidity (12%) right now.

Maybe you picked the wrong A state? :smiley: